XBOX Fashionista Achievement Bug

On the Xbox version, the Fashionista achievement is not unlocking when it should and in some cases is not unlocking at all. It should unlock after collecting 200 pieces of apparel, however there are multiple users who seem to be having problems with this not unlocking. In my own game I have 211 pieces of apparel unlocked not including DLC items. I also have 285 DLC items on their own collected which combined is nearly 500 items of apparrell collected. Despite this, the achievement still won’t unlock. I know from forums on other sites other gamers have experienced similar issues. All other achievements appear to unlock exactly when they should.

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I was able to get that, but my Lighthouse achievement won’t acknowledge.

What’s the task? Can’t remember it…
A specific amount of lighthouses or all of them?

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Specific amount, 3 in total.

I’ve climbed two others as well, but for some reason the one in Marshlands in the NW at Borgakulan doesn’t have an icon on my map. Not sure if it does at all, just something I noticed.

The karl eric lighthouse in marshlands seems for me to cause some issues. Since I was there short after Landfall update I’ve lost all of my safehouses and lose them every day again.

The sillavik lighthouse is just new since… dark skies? Maybe it just don’t count yet. But the others should work. Well, currently this challenge seems to be bugged, but it once worked…

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Hit the Stenudden Lighthouse just now and got the achievement. It appears to need to be ones pre dlc, I guess.