XBox Feb 6/7 update Audio glitches and game crashing

Looks/sounds like a pretty big audio glitch in the latest update - gunfire has lots of clip/backwards sounds (upto 50% of the gunfire sounds sound glitched), and heavy fights end up with loud BZZZZZZZZ, and crash to XBox home screen.

Audio is on B&O Beoplay Portals (XBox version), using Dolby Atmos, if that’s helpful to know.

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Yup. Same here. XBOX One X.

Yeah, lot of crashes all of a sudden again.

Buddy of mine and myself chalked up about 10 crashes, just today, over the course of less than two hours. Some solo, some after we got in and were actually able to join one another (either way, him hosting, or me hosting, made no difference). Some crashes happened before even getting past the “select world/select character” screen. Other crashes happened while standing around doing minor tasks inside of different safehouses—dealing with our inventories, crafting or scrapping, or just entering/navigating through certain menus like going to the map screen). Additional crashes while at player occupied Control Points, and while out wandering around the world.

I don’t know what the hell this update supposedly fixed, but it certainly broke things. Only positive change I saw was that the location info for Overby Airbase now has the weapon counters correctly split up again, 2/2 in the Underground and 4/4 outside around the airbase itself.

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Oh I should add, Xbox Series X in my case.

Crashed while loading. Crashed twice after loading before doing anything. Crashed trying to look at map. Crashed looking at assignments. Crashed in inventory. gave up… failed to complete assignments…

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Right, back the “bad old days”…

Funny how it always seems to crash, now, when the LEAST intensive activities are being done. Sitting on the main menu, sitting at a safehouse, playing the inventory management minigame, etc…

Though we have also had a LOT of crashes during Base Assaults again, as well…

Things were better, for the most part, before this last update.