[xbox - fnix base crash

Platform - Xbox One S
Description: While playing the game, many fnix bases spawn, and as you get closer to them the game starts to lag and the fps drops heavily. the base starts setting off the alarms and randomly shooting, and sometimes calls airstrikes. Hunters also keep spawning ticks even when dead around bases too.
I found this out a few days ago and it took forever to even get close, it needs fixing, it makes the game virtually unplayable
Steps To Reduce: i don’t know what causes it to do this, but the bases shouldn’t spawn until it’s fixed as it makes the game almost impossible to run
Host or Client: it happens on both solo and multiplayer servers
Players in your game: it’s happened with 1 and 2 players

It’s a known issue that should be fixed with Recon Update on August 23rd. I hope.

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ooo that’ll be nice if they do as I am having issues even trying to play the game at the moment because of the lag and unavoidable crash caused by the known issues.

I wonder if they are going to test this “fix” before they release it. The last update obviously wasn’t…

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