Xbox Game Session Invalid (Multiplyer Issue)

**Platform: XB1X

**Description: I can’t invite anyone or be invited to play coop. When trying to invite or be invited the option is greyed out on Xbox menu, when in game and selecting multiplayer from pause menu it says the game session is invalid and to start a new session, which isn’t even an option at the menu. We tried starting a new world save but that didn’t work either.
We’ve tried all the standard troubleshooting steps such as logging out and back in, restating Xbox, restarting router, changing MAC address and dns.

**Steps To Reproduce: Continue game, pause and select multiplayer.
Or go to multiplayer in main menu where it then freezes when I click to search for game.

Images / Videos:

**Host or Client: attempted as both host and client

**Players in your game: Attempting 2 player coop but can’t invite.

**Specifications: Xbox one X