Xbox Gamertags Anyone


Id love to be able to play with more people on GZ and build up a good network of battle bros. Drop your Xbox usertags here and I’ll add you!
Gamertag: BaconCreator300


You could also check out the looking for group xbox section on the discord to find people wanting to play


@kakarron I appreciate it I didn’t see that. I seem to be having a difficult time finding the things I search for on this site. Don’t know if I’m just too new to find those old topics or what, thank you though


If you prefer survival and exploring I am your man;))not just silly run with the gunz.
Nickname Jaild46 :+1::sunglasses:


Same as @Dusty. But haven’t done MP yet. So just a question from a perfect beginner: do you need an Xbox subscription? I’ve read in another thread that GZ do tier-to-tier MP …

Oh, btw, my gamertag is IanForce.


@Ianforce you need the Xbox live gold to get online it’s only worth it if you’re gonna play online alot Imo. I didn’t get the subscription until I started playing GZ with a friend.


@Dusty I CAN play like that but I’m more of a call of duty kid. I like to get in my enemies faces and make a mess :sunglasses::joy:


Hi I also have been looking for more people to play with my gamertag is Darkslayer 295


@Alexsturgeon I’ll add you when I get home from work today. Planning to hop on about 5pm Central Time so I’ll drop you an invite!


Gamer Tag: PlayerPitts420. new to the game this week.


Phil 3 Bluntz -Xbox gametag


I also run the largest Xbox club that plays this game:
The Game Lodge
I stream the game along with others:

In the club you can plan events & “play dates”, start parties & Follow those who play the game, post clips & screenshots…etc. We have at this time 277 members & many play the game. I am a heavy promoter of the game on Twitter as well @SteampunkPaganX
I love this game & hope this information is of some help as well as it being a shameless plug…lol.


My nickname :-Leongamer

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