XBox Login freezes after game crashing

Platform: XBOX One

While looting a rival in farmlands region near the airfield the Game crashed. Crash occurred while game was saving Progress (hexagon icon).

After that logging into the Game was no longer possible with my account. Game always freezed while connecting to Avalanche servers.

Guest account worked fine without any issues. Powercycling XBOX, reinstalling game did not change anything - constantly crashing on login.

Deleting the reserved memory (256MB) solved the issue. I could login and continue my game (250+ hrs of playtime with this character) and continue in nearest safehouse at the airfield. Plundra, Recycle Station and inventory were not missing anything. Collectables and Logs were untouched. Questprogression was also fine (all finished and completed)

But: all region-Thread-Level were set to zero, rivals including a reaper were gone as all the FNIX Bases vanished. My fully built base at the mines with about 400 concrete spent vanished!!! The starter base on Top of the mountain was reset to the beginning of the questline (destroy fnix command center). Seems all world data were erased.
Saved my character but now I have to grind for the concrete again…

Steps To Reproduce: -/- the corrupted game files are now overwritten with current versions.

Images / Videos: -/-

Host or Client: host- Single Player

Players in your game: none- Single Player

Specifications: Series X

Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear about the issue! The team is looking into this right now and your info here is very appreciated!

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