(Xbox) Major frame drops


Almost every time I am in a fight against Tanks,Harvestors,a few Hunters and even Runners my frames drop and I can barely turn around and it’s horrible to play, let alone try to fight. Even when I’m playing singleplayer the frames are horrible at most times.

Reproduction: Fight a Tank,Harvestor or a few Hunters or Runners

Host: it was a single player game

Specifications: I was on Xbox 1 S


Well, the One S upscales to 1080p to 4K as sadly it’s not as standard.

First, try a compete console restart, I know it sounds obvious, but a console restart from settings may solve it.

I’d check your have got your TV in game mode. Check the TV can accept 60Hz. Maybe a health check on your console and have a clear out of anything on the hard drive that could slow it down ( old game installs, save files, music, vids etc )

Again, remember to restart console after deleting anything from HDD so it takes effect. More housekeeping than anything but good to stay on top of your console.

Clear your Cache ( old skool but works )

I’m pretty sure the XOS comes with 2.0 HDMI, but make sure you’ve got one sorted just in case it’s gone walkies.

Failing that, look into a Project Scorpio next time you upgrade console, or even a Scarlett. Bare in mind that it’s Xbox One Enhanced now so it’s visually stunning


Thanks, I’ll try these, though it seems to have gotten better but still happens occasionally. Thanks!