XBOX - Neccessary changes

Dear developers,

  1. I think that currently we hardly need supported keyboard with mouse for the shooting games like this. This cannot break balance as the game is not about PVP shooting. And it is not so difficult to add support for it. Please think on it and be shure that the others will support this request

  2. Do please something with graphic for Series S as it is really killing my eyes each time when I play. I will be happy if some option like 1080 within the 25-30 fps will be available in settings. Currently I am happy with 60fps but the sharpness is worse. Hunters looks like Jippers-Crippers in distance. Even Cyberpunk has this possibility with the lot of objects happening in the world real time

How are these Changes considered Necessary?

There are many factors regarding Resolution
and FPS. also making games for consoles is different to Normal pc’s considering what a PC has to be able to process to be used for different applications simultaneously, compared to console which is built for less multitasking jobs,
Built for smooth gaming experience.

And to end my rambling :upside_down_face:
Each generation of console has slightly different traits for example processing speed or Ram speed, different security systems, differences in used Programm language etc.

I now xbox one is a modified version of windows 10. Soo there’s also the probability that it’s hindering itself considering how annoying windows can be :sweat_smile:

Oh before you think I mean this in a mean way

What I was trying to say was that there’s a lot of work for different issues that has to be considered also what I forgot to mention the rendering decreasing at great distances helps with FPS since it decreases the workload.


… is telling nothing.

  1. Cyberpunk is newer.
  2. It’s a completly different game on a different engine from a different studio.

It’s like comparing a Fiat with a Porsche.
“Why can’t the Fiat drive 300km/h? Even a Porsche has this possibility”.

Btw. I don’t want to say Generation Zero is the Fiat of videogames (well, in german it’s a comparison worth “Fehler in allen Teilen” :wink:).