[XBox] No ammo for client in multiplayer

Platform -
Host -Xbox One X
Client 1 - Xbox One X
Client 2 - Xbox One

Steps to reproduce - Unknown. While playing game, client on Xbox One X is no longer able to loot ammo from ammo storage boxes. Boxes appear as empty, but upon closing the box, the box is still able to be opened, signifying there is something remaining in the box. Host does not experience the problem. After 2 more days of playing (approximately 5 hours), client on Xbox One now also experiences the problem. Reinstalling the client with Xbox One X does not resolve the problem. Haven’t attempted to reinstall host, but will and report back.

Players in game - 3 (this is the original players from start and no one else has joined since beginning.

Also happens on PC in Multiplayer. Guess something goes wrong in the multiplayer code.

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