Xbox(one and up) Clubs


On xbox this game official club have been blocked off for 2 years(and counting).

The Gen Zero Resistance is up. But.
Can the devs accountants/clerks get in touch with Microsoft and change their security info?

Which do you mean I’m a member on Xbox club ,It’s in my feed daily ?


The generation zero’s official club on xbox has inactive feed.

The official club’s background words are “Letter from the development team”.

Well, I wondered when someone else may spot this one. I’ve spoken with one that may know a way forward - I shall nudge said individual tomorrow.

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Oh I see well hopefully this is changed 🫤

Broken “Oh I see well hopefully this is changed 🫤”

Sure thing. This forum requires me to use 20 letters to respond. It’s hard to come up with the extra 11 letters.