[Xbox One] Co-op saving for co-op partners


I’m not here to bash the game, just provide feedback, and hopefully the developers act on this feedback.

I don’t know how it works on the PC version but i will assume that it works exactly the same as far as co-op goes.

So, here I go!

I recently got a refund from Microsoft for this game because quite honestly, the way the co-op works is not the best.

When i bought the game, I bought it for the sole purpose of playing co-op with my brother (We share games through the family settings), but what we discovered was that it is not possible to continue where we left off from our previous session.

I started up the game today, loaded in where we both left off, but when I invited my brother, he spawned at the very beginning. Levels were gone, inventory was empty.

This is not how proper co-op games should work.

This game would get a lot more positive reviews if the co-op system actually saved our co-op partners’ characters and progress to the host’s world save.

At the very least, let them spawn on the same spot as the host instead of several kilometers away, having to waste even more time running to catch up, on top of having to level up everything again and having to loot even more to get to roughly the same level of gear that they lost when the session ended.

Out of the two suggestions, I would (and i’m pretty sure I’m not alone) prefer the former, rather than the latter, as it makes it much more immersive.

The game itself is amazing, except a few AI hick-ups. The world looks stunning, the machines look awesome, and the way you loot stuff and upgrade and interact with the game is really well done. It’s just the co-op system that needs a re-work.

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