Xbox one Crashes

So this freezing crash on Xbox One has been made aware of to the devs for more than half a year and still nothing so im going to keep it short. Fix it! People pay you their money they worked for, for your work. Atleast trying to act like you care would be great. Thanks. Im sorry im pissed off but i been wanting to play the game for multiple months now and can barely progress with the constant crashes. Maybe focus on your problems instead of new content which only bring in even more problems for you to fix.


I am 100% with you on this. @Gsauce and I have been crashing about every 5 minutes. That’s not an exaggeration. I’ve written emails, in the forum topics, twitter, everything. It’s absolutely well overdue for them to fix. The update almost feels too little too late because of these problems.

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Unfortunately I have suffered this as well, 3 times today I tried to play and within 5 minutes my game froze and crashed. My suspicion is the tech. The Xbox One has become increasingly unstable and slow with gz and in all honesty is probably outdated. With the amount of new content the game has become slower and slower to perform things and unfortunately I think that needs to be accepted as reality.

Platform: Xbox 1 S

Description: Game freezes for approximately 10-15 seconds with audio glitching then kicked out into the x box menu

Steps To Reproduce: Just load up the game and within 5- 10 minutes of gameplay it will freeze and crash

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im also having issues with crashes since all the new features and revamps, i cant access ostervick or hagaboda anymore, needs to ironed out of crashes and bugs and optimised for smoother gameplay across all platforms, im having a break from generation zero cause i just cant play while its occuring, its no fun anymore when i cant play with friends and everything crashes and bugs out, also cant even access a bunker near Boo Brunk AB anytime anyone including myself get near the door way it crashes, so till everything been sorted and i gain more powerful Xbox maybe ill be taking a break from Generation zero, sucks that i have to its an awesome game but i cant play when i crash every single time

Hellmatic Out :smiley: enjoy and have fun everyone

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I also have but only when I’m in the farmlands region

Same here. As soon as my son and I get into the Farmland- glitch and crash. Please address and fix for Xbox One, or announce that it cannot handle it anymore?