Xbox One Current unfinished missions disappearing from mission list


was playing last night picked up some missions but did not have time to do them logged in today and all the missions except for Warboard:Uttern Bunker are gone and Uttern bunker is bugged have the key cards and can enter but cant do much else.Progression at a stand still until a patch fixes this issue


I’ve experienced this issue as well. Many times it comes from the log filter having accidentally been changed or the game had done it by itself. Click through the filter a few times to see if that brings them back up.


This happened to me last night. For some odd reason, after completing a mission, the active missions all moved down to the bottom of the list. Just another bug I guess.
So scroll down your list and see if they are there!
Feel stupid now, but it took me a while to realise you need to use the up/down D-pad buttons to scroll the list. Doh!
If not that then maybe you have toggles the filter, and are only showing certain ones!


did you join another player’s game? that always makes all my uncompleted missions disappear


i have scrolled changed filters everything i could think of and they are just gone