Xbox one game bug

**Platform: xbox one

**Steps To Reproduce: can only loot boxes once even after getting off the game for the night and jumping back on the next afternoon the boxes are still open and you’re unable to loot them.

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**Host or Client: Host

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**Specifications: I was playing the game with a mate last night and i had looted some places after a while I got off for the night (around 9-9:30pm) and I have just jumped back on the game (now 4:20pm the next day) and all boxes and everything is still open and has been looted. Makes the game pretty pointless when you have no ammo to shoot anything.

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Also having same issue as well as most loot boxes being empty for me…

It seems to be specifically tool boxes that are empty all the time. Tho I did have that same issue as well. I think we need another hotfix.

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Hi:) This seems to be a miscommunication, you have to wait 4 ingame hours for the loot to respawn :slight_smile: it is not a bug

I understand that now. I will have to test to see if any of those toolboxs are full again. If not then there is definitely a problem with toolboxs.