[Xbox One] Multiplayer Not Working


DESCRIPTION: Matchmaking works fine, but haven’t been able to invite or join friends in online play.

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: didn’t take any steps to get this issue, really, the game just came w/o Multiplayer working. I checked my connection and NAT type - both mine and my friends are fine and we have no problem playing any other game. However, we cannot connect to a game together no matter what we do. I’ve tried inviting him while in a safe house and vice versa. We also tried joining a public match with a random and I connected, but was disconnected once I invited my friend. Tried everything I can thing of and others suggested - even restarted the game and XBOX. Each time it just says failed to join and kicks us both to the main menu.


HOST: I’ve tried hosting (ENC SAINT) and so has my friend (S1lphium).

PLAYER(s): for about 2 minutes I was in a game with a random before being kicked back to the main menu once I invited my friend to play. All other attempts to play with my friend have failed, including that one, since he never actually joined.

SPECs: Regular Xbox one - not the s or x

I do not see this answered. I have the same problem. My wife and I spent $40 each on two games and on our Xboxs we cannot join each others multiplayer.

Can join random rooms but not together or each others.

NAT Open

Bump. This issue hasn’t been addressed.

[Edit: maybe I’m wrong here, since you claim that other games do work. However, I believe GZ is special, since one of the Xbox is actually hosting the game, while other games may be hosted on an external server.]

Perhaps the problem is that you both are connecting from the same network. As far as I have understood, Xbox One has issues with NAT and multiple boxes on the same network.

I got it to work with only one copy of the game. This is what I did:
Bought and downloaded the game on my “home” Xbox. I share my Xbox live gold/Gamepass ultimate or whatever it is called now with my family members on this Xbox. I then downloaded the game using my profile on my other Xbox.
Thus, my son can log in to the Home Xbox and start the game and I can log in on the other Xbox and then he can invite me to play with him in multiplayer. It’s fun! However, I can’t invite him to my game since (I believe) it requires a Xbox Gold subscription and I only have that on my home Xbox.

i have the same issue. When i try to join my friend, it says, “failed to join, or the multiplayer session is full” even though there is only one person in his server. I haven’t found a way to fix it.