Xbox one sensitivity

Hey so I love the game, but I was really hoping you could fix something on the Xbox version. It’s not exactly a bug, but I feel like it is very much getting in the way of the game. The sensitivity. The max level is 10. It feels like it’s WAY too low. Not to mention when ADS. I feel like any time I am in close range engagements with runners. It’s impossible to hit them when they move because I can’t move fast enough. I might be a lone voice but I love having the ability for much higher sensitivity in a game. I’m used to it, I feel like adding more sensitivity levels would just help anyone. Again, love the game. I want to play more and more, but I would REALLY love it if I had higher sensitivity options on my controller. ADS is too hard.


True no matter iron sights or scopes or ads sight the speed feels the same across all three sights while aiming , and like our new friend @Alkatraz128 says 1 to 10 setting doesn’t feel much different whtever the number … Also the deadzones are too sensitive on left and right thumb sticks older pads will have drift on left thumbstick for sure . Anyhow new person above not worry games been out 45 ish days and the devs are looking at all bugs or improvement’s so this may not be a bug just something to adjust maybe ay , cheers :sunglasses:

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Above post Ps4 :point_up_2:t3:

Sometimes we’ll almost most of the time it feels like the aim is all over the place I’ve tried 3 different controllers and same thing I live the game and now I live it better cause I realized that I had a gas mask on which made everything look off visual wise but after taking it off omg the graphics are phenomenal and I’m on Xbox one x with 4Kuhd tv using game mode and hdr off witb hdr on game mode looks way too dark great game so much more can come if this game sky is the limit…

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This is also the case on PC. When ADS the sensitivity doubles and iv made no adjustments to the sensitivity in game. I assume there will be a hotfix for this issue soon.

Welcome! Are you also playing with a gamepad?

Im playing with a keyboard and mouse… It is to the point where its becoming unplayable.

I don’t really know… Did you have a look at this:

  • New proportional aim system that automatically scales with the zoom level. Can be switched with the old system in the game settings.

When playing at the maximum sensitivity of 10, it feels like i’m playing with a low/medium sens in any other game. it feels like it needs to at least go up to 20, but 30 would be great just for more options. i love this game and wanna be able to enjoy it with my xbox controllers too!!:heartpulse: i just tried 5 sensitivity and there’s no way y’all actually played with these settings and thought this was an acceptable medium tier sensitivity, right? if i sound sassy it’s just cuz i really do love your game and want it to be as perfect as possible!! thx

Brah, i play on 3… this just sounds crazy. But maybe it is differant for ps4 controllers?

I’m on PS5 and can confirm this is indeed crazy. I’m on 3 for look sensitivity and 1 for ADS. The default sensitivity was insanely high. More power to OP if he can play like that though.

i believe it’s only a problem for Xbox controllers lads. when using controllers on the PC version it feels sooo slow to the point that it doesn’t feel intentional. I’m not playing on a sense as high as you’re thinking. At all. i understand why y’all would say that though!

  • i’m glad y’all don’t have this problem!

playing cold war with my controller rn, i’m on 4 (medium) sens and it feels much higher than the max of 10 sens in GZ.

That’s pretty wild. Like you said, it must be an XBox thing. The PS version starts you out right in the middle and it’s stupid fast. Being only 30 FPS on PS probably makes it look faster than it too, especially with all the motion blur.