Xbox One X constant crashes


Platform:Xbox One X

Description:Crashes a lot

Steps To Reproduce: Multiplayer

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Yeah I’ve been having the same problem on pc. If I’m playing alone it’s not an issue but multiplayer will crash randomly every 15 min to an hour. But it’s weird, me and my buddy will be playing and talking like normal then he’ll say hey man where did you go? Im like right here brother looking at your character, you can’t see me? The game seems to continue running but we are no longer playing the same one and i can’t open doors or loot bots etc. It’s like I’m in game but I’m not before it will crash or kick me or I leave and restart on my own. I’m running win 10 with latest i7 8700k ,twin nvidia 1080 ti with 11 gigs of vid memory a piece, 64 gb of ram . My frame rates run butter smooth at 100 to 120 fps . I’m jacked straight into my modem at 80 to 100 mpbs. My friend and I run basically the same set up except he’s running the AMD equivalent. Thought maybe it was my ISP but we play other stuff without much of a problem. Just seems to be this game. I’m open to any suggestions if anyone can tell me what’s going on. Thanks guys.