Xbox save deleted?!

Hi. Just installed the game after buying the last missing DLCs today but I can’t load my game, just start a new one!

I deleted my local save data to resync from cloud but it’s still only showing new game. What happened and how can I get my save back? :frowning:

Did you play on Xbox and PC (gamepass)?
I remember that there where reports that this caused an overwrite of the existing safegame in some cases.

I only play on Xbox.
Xbox support shows some problems with profiles. Maybe it couldn’t properly download my save data. :thinking: I’ll try again tomorrow.

im on PS4 and still get these, I’m not a PS4 live member at the moment, PS4 live is required to have that PS4 cloud save thing, so can’t use the cloud, so there cant be any mistaking auto overwrite thing, i USB anyway, case for me anyway, :nerd_face: the good news is, I had a successful game save today after completing the assignments, Not so lucky yesterday, and tommorow we will see

Still not working. No save! :weary:

Just talked with Xbox support and they told me they can’t access saves or restore them, I should ask the developer for help. So please help restore my save. Are there no backups? Is it corrupted? How /why? I had one save since I bought the game.

I created a support ticket. I hope it can be restored. :pensive:

So Xbox says only the Dev can help. Dev says only Xbox can help. Great. :roll_eyes:

I don’t want to start again and lose all collected items, research, clothing etc.

Other devs asked for my Gamertag to access my save data in the past. Why can some do this and others can’t? :thinking:

Hey, this is because some developers store save data on their own servers on top of the cloud services provided by the individual platforms. We sadly don’t have the server space to do that at systemic reaction, so we can’t reinstate your lost save :confused: I’m sorry to hear that you lost your progress