Xbox series crashing

I have just downloaded the patch update for the game. When I play mulitplayer I keep getting kicked to main screen and i keep getting a message mulitplayer connection lost. The patch that released today unfortunately did fix anything.

Main Screen of Game or Dashboard of Xbox? I have found alot of games (not just this game) seem to work better when a update is out, to delete the game after you know a patch is out and reinstall. Seems to me some updates must be “fragmenting” something and i seem to run better afterwards. Something to try. Was one reason I turned auto updates off, that way I have an idea of when and where something became an issue. Just my 2 Cents. Hope it helps.

This happens when playing the game in a multiplayer sessions when you start fighting enemy’s. I have tired this when hosting a game and joning a friend’s game I keep getting session unaviable within 5 minutes of joining the game.

I see, I went home and was in a friends game and wanted to show him the “dog” and as soon as the dog targeted an enemy it launched me back to games Main Menu and left my character and dog standing in his game just standing there. Upon my re-entry to that session i joined and created a second version of myself, one that my buddy the host could not see which was me current and my zapped out version just standing around taking enemy fire. Both his and my audio started to go weird and leave out certain action sounds. It got pretty bad to the point where he called it a night and went to bed, I had to restart my xbox and game to clear up my Audio. That hotfix definatly wasnt liked on the xbox, not even on a game redownload. So, guess Companions need to stay stowed in MP till a resolution.