Xbox Swap Shop - 5* Available


Morning all,

I’m doing an inventory clean-up from both my Level 31’s

Is there anyone else here on Xbox that may be looking to trade up some gear?


4* Gear Available

AG5 Extended Mag
Moller PP Extended Mag
2 x Red Dot Scope ( x 2 )
8-16x Sniper Rifle Scope

5* Gear Available

M/46 Kpist SMG
SMG Barrel Extension ( x 2 )
SMG Compensator ( x 2 )
SMG Silencer
Hunting Rifle Silencer
AG4 Mag
1-4x Rifle Scope
AI-76 Mag
Assault Rifle Silencer
Assault Rifle Barrel Extension ( x 2 )
Klauke 17 Extended Mag
Handgun Compensator ( x 2 )

Dual Mode Low Light / IR Module
Dual Mode Low Light / OPV Module

Plenty of spare of 5.56, 7.62, and .50BMG FMJ, AP, and Explosive Shells.

***** LOOKING FOR *****

5* KVM 89 Compensator

5* Kpist Extended Mag


I’m only after the Experimental Sniper Rifle, happy to negotiate a trade from main character stock.

Xbox Gamertag - Alias DJA ( or here )


OK, i have the 5 crown handgun scope, spare two times red dot and spare purple lmg mags (both) and i’m looking for all the 50. cal ammo and high explosive dual purpose rounds that you are willing to give for that stuff.


i will share my game tag after negotiations have been made.


So…nothing I need then>?


Sorry @emerald_J I updated the list on Discord, not here my apologies.

Only after a 5* LMG Compensator & 5* Kpist Extended Mag


so what about the red dot


never mind, just ignore that


Experimental KVM59
Anyone have a experimental kvm 59 to give or trade with me, missed the event and i gues that was the only way to get that weapon, or am i wrong? I have all other guns exp so trade is no problem :smirk:im´on xbox one


I have a spare, however the trade is non negotiable.


How do u mean, that u wont trade/give it to someone? or that it cant be done? u can´t drop it and someone else pick it up? Sorry for my thick head but i dont understand. :-S


It’s no longer available, therefore it’s only available to trade for something also no longer obtainable that you have in your inventory or two items of rare availability.

If you want specifics - you’ll have to message me on XBL


I’m in the same boat as kedase, I missed out on getting the experimental lmg, and would trade pretty much anything for it. I have 10000 7.62 ar ammo, 10000 9mm smg ammo and 10000 5.56 ar ammo and tons of 5* attachments and could trade an experimental and some attchments can go with it if you want to trade. And yes I know about the discord, reposted something like this 3 times.


Trade now complete.

No longer available.