Xbox to PC save transfer

So I’ve been playing this game for years on Xbox One but am thinking of switching to the PC version for better graphics. Couple of questions:

  1. Will my Xbox save game automatically transfer through the Gamepass cloud to the PC version of Generation Zero (I know it has to be the Microsoft Store version)? Or would I have to start the whole game over with none of my progress if I start playing this on PC?

  2. Do I have to purchase the base game and all of the DLC all over again on the Microsoft PC store? I was hoping since Microsoft encourages the play anywhere mentality that a game purchased digitally on the Xbox store would automatically show as purchased on PC as well on the PC Microsoft store. But right now it’s not showing up that way for me suggesting I would have to purchase everything a second time.

Thanks for any help!

  1. Yes, you’ll be presented with the ‘synching cloud save’ message. Don’t hit cancel and then you’ll pick up where you left off on the Xbox.

  2. No. Any DLC you own on Xbox will be available for you to download in the store. It gets confusing as there are many more DLC packs available these days that contain bundles of DLC. If you bought them as individual items then you’ll still need to find the individual DLCs but you shouldn’t need to repurchase anything.


Thanks very much for the info!! That’s fantastic to hear I can carry everything forward.

Perhaps the game and DLC are not showing up as purchased for me in the Windows store because I don’t have the Xbox app installed… because on the Xbox website it does show up as purchased and available to download for both systems. It could also be because the PC I’m using to browse doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements for the game so Microsoft doesn’t want to encourage me to install it here haha. A new gaming rig is on my future wish list.

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