Xbox update sent me back to lvl 1 empty inv

I purchased Gen Zero last night, got to just lvl 3 doing the bunker mission. Today when I log on my Xbox there is an update so I do that, now when I log into the game I am still in the bunker but now I am back to lvl 1 and all my weapons and inventory are empty. Any help would be great please.

EDIT I still have listed all the quests I have completed and are yet to do, but like I say I am back to level 1 and all of my inventory has gone.

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When you left the game yesterday did you ever reload your save (was there a save before the patch)?

Can you check that you are saving your character level and inventory after the patch by exiting and restarting now. Can you check what version you are on after the update on XB?

Did you create a new character? If so you would load into the same safe house your first char would have left. Your first character should be selectable in the main menu. All your characters will share the same world (missions, stats and locations) but not their level or inventory progress.


I won’t be able to test the patch till I get home tonight but will have a look to see if I have lost anything (certainly don’t fancy tumbling back to Lvl 1)

Hi Kimchi, thanks for reaching out to me, last night I closed my game by going back to the main menu then shutting the down back to my dashboard, when I logged in today and after the update I just clicked on " Continue " which then took me back to where it last saved which was inside the bunker, but then my Char was back to level 1 with no inventory at all, all weapons and ammo, health pack etc was gone. I only have one character, I just tried what you mentioned and I logged out then I chose the character I made last night ( my only one ) then loaded the game back up, now I am back to my normal level ( 3 ) with all my loadouts and inventory back as they were, and my character is back at the first safe house.
Thank you for the help, got my character back.


Good to hear! Thank you for raising this. Happy playing! :blush: