Xbox Version is completely broken

Myself and 2 of my friends have tested this game for the last few hours and we are disappointed.

  • Enemies hit us through walls with melee attacks.
  • Game crashes when we try to pick up items we drop.
  • Loot doesn’t spawn in.
  • World doesn’t load at times.
  • Within 3-4 hours we have had in total 9 crashes.

But worse of all for us, ONLY ONE SAVE!
Yes there is 4 slots but they don’t work.
If you already have a save then the other 3 slots all use the same world meaning all quests/locations etc are all shared so good luck trying to get exp or even a weapon with new saves as the starting gun doesn’t spawn.

This game is a HUGE disappointment and that saddens all 3 of us.
We have been keeping a eye on this game since the trailer was first uploaded.

Please for the love of this game FIX IT!!!


Ive not had any of these problems myself yet fingers crossed,

You may want to tell them which Xbox you use as there can be issues caused wether your on a base xbox, an S or an X.

Im on Xbox one X and the only issue ive had so far is enemies hitting you through walls and shooting through walls. Which is highly annoying but well its not game breaking luckily

Hello Dan sorry to hear you’re having such an unpleasant experience. To ensure this is fixed correctly and in a timely manner the developers need very specific information to find the exact issues so they can be patched and noted. Please fill out bug reports using the correct format.

On xbox one x And S here and have not had those issues… not even one crash.

Well some bullets go through walls . And they are robots with extra sensory capabilities. But Im on Xbox one X and sons on xbox one s and we have not had thoes issues.


  1. Hit-through-wall issue: This is known and being worked upon, however, this will take time.
    Fixing hitboxes is not as simple as it looks.

  2. Game Crashes: This will be checked into, and will become a prime issue if correct.

  3. Loot spawn: Please elaborate?

  4. World Loading: Please elaborate?

  5. Crashes: See 2).

  6. Save: yes, ONLY the host saves progress. All the rest (pick up stuff, drop stuff, experience and even shooting) IS saved on the clients saves.
    Works as intended.

  7. Save Slots: What do you mean, they do not work???

My xbox one original version keeps crashing horrifically after heavy fighting
To recrate this you have to boot up the game and play as hard as possible fighting everything you see and get hit by enemies and knocked down and get up quickly and finish the fight. If you do this correctly when you go to loot the game will freeze and make a loud buzz noise and kick you back to your xbox home page. This mostly happens on the dlc island but it happens on the main island as well.
It doesn’t matter if you are online or offline or play with people on their server or your own server with people. It’s not picky if you are playing single player or 8 player. It happens between starting the game and 30min it happens all the time between those two times guaranteed
Xbox one original console.
Thanks for reading

I’ve had this a couple times (xbox). If your seeing the scene (graphics) slowing to a crawl before the crash, I simply hide somewhere and wait (don’t move) about 2 minutes for game to recoup. There’s obviously too many objects in the scene. Not sure if related…

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I’m having an issue with the frame rates/ choppy game play that doesn’t fix unless you restart the game it usually is happening around large open areas and when a runner decides to randomly attack

going to centre map airbase or running over large field plots to a house:

Images / Videos:

single player game :


xbox one :

Ok, Let’s take this one step at a time, because most of these are STILL problems on Xbox.

1: It’s not a hitbox issue. It is an object_permissions issue. Hitboxes go around NPCs and PCs to register bullet impacts/damage. Object_permissions would control what can/cannot pass through a solid object, like Apoc Hunters walking through barn walls (yes, I have personally had this happen to me).

2: The game crashes very frequently, for various reasons, period. FIX IT!

3: As of right now, I have not had this happen.

4: This is a random issue. At times, elements of the world do not fully load. Example: opening a door and seeing nothing but blackness where there should be a room or open country. Sometimes its a temporary issue and walking forward fixes it, but some times a full reboot of the game is needed.

5: See 2.

6: There is no point to play CO-OP if progress doesn’t save for EVERYONE. yay, I get to keep everything but the questline progress. My roommate and I cleared 4 bunkers and the DLC island before I figured out that NONE of the mission progress saved on my end, all because I wasn’t “host.”

7: Character 1 is the core save, the other 3 share everything except level and experience with Character 1, which makes it a pain to level the others.

FYI to DEVS and ANY CBOX ONE USERS who have been having problems with game crashes. It was happening to me every time I played and it appeared to me to be an xbox issue with cache memory. I searched online and found that if you do a Hard Reset for xbox one it wont crash anymore. I now do it about once a week. No crash or lag issues. While the Xbox is on, touch and hold the xbox power button for about 10 seconds ( until xbox turns completely off). You will hear the fan wind down completely. Once everything is off, just tap your power button again to turn on. Things might load a little slower at first but be patient.

Hi Dan, I have had the same issues. Cant help ya with the mobs shooting or walking through walls, but here’s something I found can help with crashing, lagging, and things not spawning (all memory issues). I was crashing every time I played the game. Found this online and it works! No more crashing! I do it once a week and haven’t had any crashes since.

@CeratedDruid - Doing the hard reset requires you to re-download and re-configure your XBOX?

No, it’s like doing a hard reset on an iPhone.

I would also recommend deleting the game, and re downloading everything from scratch.

I personally didn’t delete my game. I just do the hard reset anytime the game seems like it is starting to lag. It works well to keep things smooth. Now if only there was an easy answer to stop the machines from phasing through every stink’n house Im hiding in! Its nothing for me to end up killing 5-7 machines that have walked right through the walls some how.

I apologize if this belongs to a different post, or was already reported. As of 19 December 2022, Xbox 1 still freezes and then crashes. Very annoying, I contact GZ support who told me there is nothing they can do, this game was meant for PC. Very disappointing to hear that. Wish they can fix it for the console players.

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Please create a new topic for your issue and provide as much detail as possible.
At least on my ps5 there are no game breaking or crashing issues…

I appreciate the assistance, at random times on Xbox the game will just freeze and crash, two of my buddies (also on Xbox) have the same issues.

Xbox one X. only play solo and do not have any DLCs. I’ll get one or two of these crashes every 3-5 play sessions. sometimes it returns to the home screen, but it has also caused the Xbox itself to turn off.

it does not seem to coincide with “too many things on the screen”. happened to me today the moment I engaged an apoc tank with hardly any other bots in the vicinity.