Xbox with an pc player

Is that normal?
First Time I’ve experienced it.

I’ve met a PC player, while playing Xbox. is it really possible to play with someone on PC while with consoles? Because if it is possible then why did the developers not tell us that this feature existed?

The most important question I would like to ask.
HOW. How did he even join in a server in the first place?

If generation zero was actually cross platform I would’ve been encountering PC players way more often.

((If this was wasn’t designed to have PC players on console players worlds/servers. Then he should be banned maybe?))

I’m not sure if this is normal or not. It just confused me alot.

If y’all know something how he did joined with consoles. Please explain.

PC players on Gamepass and MS Store can play with Xbox players, yes. This is due to Xbox to Xbox Services and the Game being the exact same version on both sides as a result. Steam players on PC cannot crossplay to Xbox or those who play PC gamepass tho.


Ok thanks. I understand now.