Xbox1x thoughts, suggestions


I want this game to feel real and gritty.

On this thought, some suggestions:

  1. Glass should break. When I’m shooting through windows to use the house as cover, windows should break when shot through. Immersion goes down when breakable items don’t react. Being able to open windows with an interact prompt would be great too when using silenced weapons, increasing the time before spotting.
  2. When using a house as cover, robots should not be able to enter closed doors (one of the doggies showed up in a living room during combat, with the door still closed), unless you program them to smash down the door, which would be incredibly awesome. Them being able to break doors would add intensity and an awesome horror element.
  3. All lights should be able to be shot and broken. Some are, some are not. Headlights, florescents, some interior and exterior lights should be able to be shot and effect visibility accordingly, increasing it when the player is in the light source, reducing it after the light source is removed.
  4. Shared mission progress when playing in Co-op is a real need, as it sucks having to replay missions to advance both players stories.
  5. Survival mode with bleeding (requiring bandages), hunger, thirst (food/water loot items), etc would be a huge project probably, but totally awesome.
  6. When hovering crosshair over weapons an info pane should pop up detailing the weapon name, ammo type, and condition of the weapon. Having to take the weapon first to see this info is tedious as inventory space is limited.
  7. Backpacks/bags/pouches would be awesome to expand inventory space.
  8. Saving should be more clear, as the persistent enemy idea that i saw promoted is kind of broken by enemies appearing to respawn in exactly the same locations as before saving.
  9. Loot that has been taken should not instantly respawn upon save and reload. (Farmhouse with 4 first aid a good example, when I respawn there upon reloading a save, there are four more every time)
  10. Being able to “save and exit” and then return to exactly the state of game and location of the exit save (instead of returning to a safehouse every time) would greatly increase immersion for me.

It’s a good game with the potential to be incredible. Thank you for your efforts.