Xezr's Hardcore Mode [Updated]


Hello, I was just wondering whether if it counts as death when you fall into water? I will take on this mode as soon as I get these 2 updates I haven’t had time to get generation zero updated in 2 months.


Nah, falling in water is fine.


In November? In Sweden? :smiley:


For the sake of lenience, sure. But if you want to count that as a death, feel free to do so :wink:


Um, do you stock from the Plundra? So you get to stock from what you’ve got (which you would do if you broke into the armoury at the first base you ever came to). When I’ve managed to find out how to get my missions started and finished the story, I shall try this. Effectively, you are restricted to what you can carry in real life?

Does your character do missions or does it just wander about looking for fights? i.e. what’s the point?

Why not make it you have to start from the first safe house (i.e. normal start point) and make it all the way to the bridge to the mainland in the far North (i.e. to escape) That would be a very cool challenge.

Um, edit - now you’ve got me thinking about this. You shouldn’t be allowed to carry more than two weapons - anywhere. And if you were carrying a Charlie G, you could only have a pistol as well (I’ve carried one IRL).

So two weapons - and nine backpack slots. Mind you - IRL you could carry more flares/fireworks 'cos they weigh nothing. No more than two mines under any circumstances (I’ve carried those buggers too). We need a weapon chart - one mine = ten flares = three smoke grenades = etc. etc… max of 100 points. Simpler the way you’ve done it, but if you tried to carry four weapons and fight (or run) one dog’d take you down on its own!

Okay, I shall do this at once while I’m waiting for the missions to get fixed…


You’d be very near the shore, but might have to drop all your weapons…


Best fun ever! @Xezr , you’re a genius.

Right, this is my loadout, starting at the first safehouse on the first island. No skill points - not a one.

Object: to reach The Bridge to the mainland and escape, even if I have to swim from bit to bit.

Three hours tense play and I have reached the Hangar on the Isthmus - exited the first two islands successfully. I go very carefully, but actually, it’s just like my normal game used to be before I got punchy. But it’s back to being tense. A long way to go, but I even did a mission that I found.

And I had become used to picking up 20-60 rounds at a time, and now I’m back to 4 in a box - I’d forgotten…

I reckon I’m going to make it, and then I’ll think of challenges for the rest of you. Start here: do that: get out in one piece. if the DEVs are reading, missions from one place would be good - received over the radio for instance… Wow, we might even be talking bases!


Sounds like fun, doing objectives like that. Could allow for some more leniency with weapons, like choosing a loadout from the Plundra. Good luck :smile:


This is a very cool idea. Would love to try this co-op with you, using new characters maybe?


We could do that! I have a third character. It’d be a lot safer with two. It’s scary with no lives with one. My word you go carefully! My second character has the AG5, and the 4* Algiblahblah, don’t know what’s left for the third one - reckon, though, I’ve got a Meusser and perhaps a Kpist, so it can be done. Stop off at the Camp on the other isthmus and pick up some AG4s - you need punch at close range, and accuracy at reasonably long range…

In real life the Ag4 would do both long and short and you’d carry a pistol as backup - two rifles’d be too much to carry, with the ammo. Not sure you’d carry more than about 120 rounds of 7.62 (we used to carry 80). Yes, you’re on…


Today marks a sad day, as my longest living Hardcore character Laglöse Leffe has met with an unfortunate Hunter-Jump-Attack-To-The-Face. He’d gathered a 4* Älgstudsare and just collected the 5* AI-76 from Ålnästet when he ran into trouble in Stenmyra. He became Level 4. Total time alive: 9 ingame days.

Thanks to the Halloween Event I was able to perfect his look… Just before he died.

Will his brother, Lösdrivar-Lasse do any better? Time will tell.


I tried this mode, and I didn’t even last 20 minutes.


Shame, back luck! I made it all the way from start house to bridge in the North, died on the way back, having just reached level 2.

BTW, what I want to do now is to make a GZ Survival Training Video, but to do it, I want to go right back to the start of the game, but not lose where I am now. So can I move my savegame folder somewhere else and would that start me fresh? And would I simply copy it back again to end up where I now am?


Try it again - it gets more possible but you do have to run away and hide in ditches a lot.


I’d like to believe that would work - But you’d probably best ask a dev about it to be sure.


No indicator ethier ^-^


Okay, how do I do that and make contact certainly?


Try the livstream on wednesday, or send a PM from the forums?


I work, so Wednesdays are out. I’ll try a PM… :))


Lösdrivar-Lasse is dead. Long may we cherish his memory. He did fairly well; got to Level 7, even killed a couple of Tanks and a Rival Harvester, and things started to look up when he got his hands on the X-PVG90. But alas, it was not to last. He got cocky with a Tank in Östervik, and got turned into peppered steak. RIP :latin_cross:

Will my newest champion, Desertör-Danne fair any better?