xKVM 59, Barrel effect using reddot

Platform: PC

Description: So I recently found my first xKVM off a lvl 1 proto hunter rival in the Archipelago. :wink:
Perhaps this is a common thing but my search came up empty for threads on here.

Using ironsights the view is fine. However if I put a reddot on it the electricity effect is now obstructing the whole scope at times.

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Specifications: Win 10 pro, z370-g, i9 9900k, gtx1080, 32gb 3200CL16, Nvme 970 Evo


With mine, I see enough around the constantly moving and fluctuating electricity effect to see the target. It is not really obscuring it.

It might not bother you personally but I’m checking if its an intended effect… I’m fine not putting a reddot on the weapon if it’s intended. I might also just go back to using the 5star since that Tinnitus sound along with the Epileptic flashing is a dealbreaker for me :wink:


:smile: Yes, if it is annoying you could do that. You don’t really need the two-dot. I do think it’s an intended effect, but not intended to be annoying or obscuring. What do you think of the (for some irritating) sound of the Experimental Pvg?

First time i heard a PVG I was like WTH and thought a new machine was attacking. That thing is a beast and machines cower at the sight of them being pointed their way. The noise is just the pvg growling as it screams towards its foe!

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That effect has been there from the beginning. And while it can get into the way during night, day time doesn’t have that issue at that extent and is manageable.

I, personally, like the idle humming. Gives the already way OP weapon a bit of downside where you won’t be hearing approaching enemies that well anymore. A good trade-off.
Though, sound of weapon fire isn’t that good as it is for non-experimental .50 cal.

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I’m pretty sure I have read about that electricity effect and how it was recently changed because it wasnt aligned with the weapon and then the reddot was changed when it didnt move along with the modell when reloading (perhaps only on the 89, I dont remember).

so this is not an odd question considering. :wink:

From what i can remember:

  • 6* KVM 59 had it’s electricity effect misaligned on ultrawide resolutions when it 1st came to the game,
  • from bug report, devs corrected that but in turn, made an error where it was unaligned when running and when using 16:9 aspect ratio,
  • so, another bug report and devs adjusted the electricity animation for the 2nd time.

But all those changes are when you’re holding the weapon at your hip and not once i saw any difference when in ADS and when using red dot scope.

For red dot scope not moving during reload animation is again, animation error when holding the weapon at your hip. Changing (fixing) reload animation doesn’t change the view in ADS, regardless the scope used.

Your question about electricity in ADS and with red dot isn’t odd.

What could be odd, is the claim of epileptic flashing. Since game does tell you from the start that it contains flashing imagery that can cause health issues for those who are acceptable to such imagery (people with photosensitive epilepsy). :thinking:

And the devs are known for their great fixes. :wink:

As I said I’m fine with not using the reddot on my xKVM or going back to 5star if this indeed is the intended view out of the reddot.


The pvg sounds is actually soothing to me. The sound of the kvm though is super annoying it has a high pitched whine to it the electricity sounds doesn’t bother me but that whine though. It’s my favorite gun and instead of running around with it I pull my pistol out. When it’s time to fight I switch weapons

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