Xmas Stuff in GZ

I really hope that they add xmas clothes and items. And some xmas songs on the organ and/or boombox/radio. An example is “Hej tomtegubbar slår i glasen”. Write your suggestions below. Examples of clothes could be santa outfit, lucia outfit or pepparkaksgubbe/gingerbread or reindeer. Maybe they could add a santa’s sack, which would give you an additional 5 slots of inventory, but you would move 30% slower. These should be very rare. Possibly only the new rivals should drop them. What do you think?

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I still want to see Red-painted Machines with Xmas lights and decorations walking around, dropping presents. That’d be fun to see :slight_smile:


That’d be really fun. What would be in the presents?

Sometimes already looks a little like that. :wink:

I want “Last Christmas” for my boombox! :grin:

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As someone who has no truck with xmas, I salute these ideas in that a) they kinda make sense in-universe. (Well, within reason. There’d be extra terrible music on the radio around Christmas for sure. At the same time, I always figured we were using the cassette player part, not the radio part, of the boomboxes. If standard radio frequencies aren’t blocked, wouldn’t our first order of business have been listening to the radio for some news/explanation from without the “war zone”?
Same with clothes; if we ignore the original date of the setting and pretend the troubles started on or near christmas, it would perhaps justify xmassy clothing lying around to be looted. (Though why would you would bother wearing it in a guerilla war is beyond me. Strikes me as a bit of an immersion breaker to be honest, though probably a less bad one than the halloween stuff. Speaking of, as immersion goes, xmassy machines would just be stupid and terribad, but hey, at least we could make war on christmas. :smile: ))
I’d really rather not have an addition to the organ though, it’s already only a one in three chance to get the awesome GZ theme.

b) At least they could be kind of avoided (“Don’t like the xmas clothes? Don’t wear 'em!”).

Certainly it would be nice have Xmas clothing. But the current state how broken experimental and arctic glothing sets are, NO! just simply NO!