XP vastly different

Is anyone else playing on Xbox seeing a fluctuation of the amount of XP you get per kill?
So far I have seen my XP go from 8xp per kill on the Robot Dogs then to 30 XP then 40 and 60 XP per kill then back to 8XP, I played a game with my Son the other night and got 1000 XP for killing 1 Robot Dog.
Is this meant to be this way, or is this a game bug?

It seems to be dependent on how much damage you do VS the teammates, weapons used, etc.

this is one of my main grievances with the game. the xp system seems a little bonkers.

the game says it is supposed to promote guerilla tactics, which means stealth, surprise hit-and-runs and quick takedowns from ambushing positions.

however, you get more xp if you play more “dumb-frontal-assault”.

I’ve had really bad and clumsy firefights with all kinds of enemies, and getting rewarded 700+ xp per encounter.

while at the same time, and perfectly skilled one-shot kill of a tank using stealth, positioning, emps, radios and canisters yields a staggering 10 (yes you read that correctly) TEN mere xp.

I love this game and I’m sorry for this criticism, but it’s really the only design choice that I simply do not understand.


I totally agree. I play solo, and always try to engage stealthy. 1 shot kills on runners, using gas canister and radios. The XP rewarded is very inconsistent, sometime after killing groups of runners with a gas cannister I receive zero XP.

I have no idea how the XP calculates and I have been playing since day 1.

Still my fave game on PS4 though :blush: