Yay, Runner Rivals Still Exist!

I just came across this guy today:

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Yes, but they just have a chance to appear if they got enough “skill points” by killing you.

Guess I have to arrange to be killed by runners so…

weird did they just recolored that runner? because prototypes runners are not sopposed to have that armor plate in the front

Good observation.
It’s just the rival screen which just shows an image of the machine-type, not the machine itself in detail.
In general you don’t see the rivals armament there, too.
In this case they obviously took an image of another runner (military?) and painted it like a prototype runner.

But a Prototype Runner Rival might…

brother the person sent an image standing infront the rival prototype runner. ive seen tons of prototypes robots rivals having no extra armor. ( from my guess theyre update wasnt enough time or not noticed by it.)

edit: or just recolored

:grinning: You are probably right, I never seen a runner rival, and was thinking that maybe the picture was taken after the armor was shot off.

The models of the machines do not change when they become rivals. It could stand right in front of you (after it killed you) while becoming a rival. There is no armor plate that is added afterwards just because of that.

The rival detail page just is wrong in this case.

But I would agree that it would be cool if it was like that way. Imagine rivals getting some more armor or other upgrades you can see instead of just making them stronger.

Wow, I just imagined a hunter which gets a reaper-like shield generator at its back.
There could also be experimental stealth generators at their back which just aren’t active if they start an attack (you would need IR-view to see them). Or smoke, gas or shock generators. Or seeker-like sound modules.

You would be able to destroy these components, but as they would be on their back, it wouldn’t be too easy.

The same could count for runner rivals.

Tank rivals could get some more armor at critical points or additional weapons. Maybe there could also be one shield generator at highest level.

Harvesters could get more armor and also smoke generators or a defensive weapon like a mine layer.

What do you think could soviet rivals get?
Should we make a new feature request topic out of that?

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Ok. They just took a model and recolored it. I don’t even notice these things. However I did notice that the soviet machines blueprint models were not right either, some time ago. They were all the same, I think, not sure if that is still the case.

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It’s a long time since but I have seen runner rivals , I think was also a prototype! :v:

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Yes. They all just show scout class machines. Maybe they fix that too, if they add the new blueprints. :man_shrugging:


My next quest will be to get a tick rival!!!

That’s not a usual mission. That’s an impossible mission.

Hey, here finally a rival lynx:


Hahaha “Die eiserne Kikimora”… :joy: :joy: :joy: :+1:

Wow, kikimora, super kewl name.