Yippee-Ki-Yay won't pop

Playing on a PS5, over 100 hours including previous saves on PS4.
The Yippee-Ki-Yay trophy won’t pop, even after killing 15 Harvesters and having it shown as such in the Challenges section; Fuel to the Fire.

Try setting up a new character with some gear in the plundra before hand to grab. Use this character to kill some more, should pop after a few.

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Thanks for the info. Actually, I went back into the game a couple days later, took out an extra harvester, and bing, the trophy popped… so odd, because I did have the confirmation that I had actually taken out 15 harvesters from before. Regardless, it finally popped. Now just three trophies left to platinum the game, including the dreaded fifth level weapon mods one.

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With issue solved, this topic can be closed.