You know you been playing Gen Zero when!

You found a new Bunker !
Your looking for a collectible :crazy_face:


I look carefully at tree lines…

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I swear I’m looking for hunters :joy::v:


I see myself searching each house for gnomes :rofl: :+1:

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…when you forget to conserve your ammo and need to craft more. :crazy_face:


Looks like one of the tables in soviet tents. :sweat_smile:

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If you don’t mind me asking what kind of firearms do you have? Sorry if that’s intrusive.

@Juix no, not at all. :blush:

Sako Quad Varmint in .22 lr.
Sako 85 Hunter in .223 Rem.
Sako 85 Grizzly in .30-06 Sprg.
Mauser Kar. 98 K. (1936 mod.)
Beretta 685 O/U shotgun.

Used to have a Marlin 1895 in .45-70 Gov. but I sold it… which I regret. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice Photos :star_struck: looks like a street in Hagaboda. :smiley:

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That looks like a crafting station i the game. :sunglasses:

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You have a lot of bolt action rifles wow. I like the shotgun a lot too very cool.

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For most people who don’t live in the USA, non-automatic rifles are pretty much all you can get. At least without going trough a lot of hassle!

Well it’s still pretty hard to get automatic weapons in the USA too. Big ol taxes on them and no foreign ones new than 1986. Semi auto weapons are easy to get here though.

I know. You can get a semi automatic hunting rifle here (Norway) without trouble. You can also get a semi-automatic AR if you’re an active member in a dynamic shooting club, but it’s a lot of paperwork and background checking with the police. Handguns involve the same hassle. And they won’t hesitate to take your weapons away if you behave irresponsibly.

Full-auto weapons are impossible to get here.

In terms of owning firearms, you can’t really compare the USA to the rest of the world. But among other countries, Norway is fairly liberal, at least when it comes to hunting weapons. :blush:

Yeah exactly what I thought, it’s like VR Gen Z :joy:

I could convince myself it’s Himfjall and the Swedish army tents , also radio mast :ok_hand:


Great photos. When Helldivers Diary will turn into a film then this area would be a set location of it. :sunglasses: :v:

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Why not , we serve these at the premier :smiley::v:


Seriously have often thought the original story for the game was brilliant, the more you dive into it the more you could see a film, and why not were saturated with main stream garbage , like the game something different and a bit primal , it’s why it transcends language , anyhow thanks for your story’s hell diver :v:

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Hehe, :yum: :smiley: that looks like the things in the game what is found in the Konditori. What is the Name for it and what is it ?