Your Favorite Safehouse - Just For Fun

I was playing earlier and I realized, I have a favorite safehouse. I was curious if anyone else had a favorite safehouse and if so where and why? … Who knows, maybe I’ll even share mine! LOL!


I have a soft spot in my heart of Stenhaga Farm. Mainly because when I first found it, I was terrified of the machines, when I reached the farm, I hid in there for about a few days, where I would boot up the game, hear a hunter or a bunch of runners and then wait for a bit for them to leave before closing the game. One time I heard a tank and closed the game so fast! Now here I am, about 1,200 hours in, fair to say I finally left Stenhaga. Nowadays I used Stora Dyrbo because it’s got most of everything I need and it’s central to the map!


That is an awesome story! I think I did the same at the Saltholmen Church! There was a tank in the corn field next to it and every time I started the game I would hear that tank and/or a harvester in that field! It was terrifying! I too took a long time to finally move beyond that spot! It may have taken me a little over a week before I got the courage to try! And yet today, I’ve beaten the game and Himjfall! And now I have a new favorite safehouse! Before I share, is there anyone else?

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Before there were all the control points (and my frequent losts of safehouses) I prefered to go to Lilla Hammarnäs (turned south and east to clear lots of machines), Kaptensvillan (went north, northwest to Haga and Balders Vall for lots of machines), Hikers Barracks (went east to north for lots of machines), granhygget (surrounded by lots of machines), the airfield (to clear it from lots of machines), ringfort (went north for lots of machines), Angeras Church (turned west for lots of machines), Boo Bruk AB (turned south for lots of machines) and Boo church (lots of machines western of it).

That was my general route for much action.

I also liked to go to björntunet Hotel, went eastern, then southern, then eastern again towards the lighthouse, then fought my way northwest towards vrakudden camping and turned west to himarvet.
After that I went west to hammarbodana to clear the place north of it.

Now my prefered safehouses are ringfort, the airfield and Lilla Hammarnäs. I’m used to travel to my base at överby, go to the airfield, then to ringfort and if I have enough time, then I go north to Lilla Hammarnäs and turn east. If there’s not enough time, I fasttravel to my base at guldängen and go east.

I like ringfort most because of its look and feel. The airfield instead also has a companion station.

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There are safe houses in each region I jump to for the machines that are nearby and/or I can process loot into useful items that I can use. These change as the game changes, but I don’t really have favorites per say, just honey holes I jump to for what I can get from them. Which also means there is not just one but several that are all over the map and there are a few that I almost never return to.

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For both of your reasons, I love the ringfort as just north of there is a field full of machines just waiting for destruction! LOL!

It would seem that JuanEyeJack is a nomad though! That’s awesome! I’m more like Madchaser though! I have my preferences. While there are some I’ll use here and there for just jump points my favorite is (queue drom roll) … Minken bunker! - The reason is really simple - it has all the stations and the Plundra all in he same room! The recycle, consumable, Plundra, and armor crafting within steps from each other! I go there almost every time before quitting to balance my inventory and prep before I start my game next time!

Thank you for taking the time to read and give me your favs. I’m hoping more will share if they still want to!

Have fun everyone and - Don’t throw in the towel! :grin::+1:

So many places, mine seem based on perceived high spawn rates and number of spawns, but maybe just my preference. Top in each zone as follows.
Archipelago: Saltholmen Church, Salthamn.
Farmlands: The tunnels/ringfort, Boo church/ANL 182 Hasselhed, ANL 144 Vidsele, Averholm Cave. All the killing fields make it easy to up the region threat level.
Forest: Marden Command Bunker and Kyrkhojden.
Himfjall: Hotel, Slope Cabin.
Marshlands: ANL 188 Farela, Stenmyra.
Mountains: Muskudden Port Complex.
North Coast: Hermelinen Command Bunker, Mockfjardssjon.
South Coast: Angeras church, Lyshamn.

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Great choices! Wiley719

I mush say I see the tunnels/ringfort a lot! I like them too! I think that location is popular one for almost everyone! Not to mention a good portion of story comes from there too!

I LOOOVE the Hotel as well … especially the Easter egg of room 237! Absolutely awesome!

And sometimes I just walked through all the rooms and looted everything because I always got a hand full of adrenalines there.

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But also one of the most unstable areas to fight in. With good days and bad. Fought a ton of machines there countless reapers but in co-op it can get crazy. But yeah, known good safe house with a lot of areas to find machines. But did I mention unstable at times? And I mean since FNIX DLC came along.


For me not as long. Maybe since landfall or even later.

For me it is the Salthamn bunker

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I think out of habit Boo , you can do a lot around Boo :joy::v:

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Have you ever seen neebs gaming on YouTube?
There were some jokes about Boo, too :wink:

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Well I really enjoy hearing everyone’s comments. It even gives me ideas of safehouses to start from on each occasion. So if anyone else wants to join, please do!

I’ve used that location a lot too! Especially once I made it up that far. It was my main area for the northwest for a bit.

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@Vynym I basically have 3 that serve as main transit hub for me:

  • Asotungan Outpost

  • Boo Church

  • Angeras Church

As Bonus, Tier B favorite safehouses ANL 118 Farela and Kyrkhojden(Ostervik)


Man, that Outpost was THE favorite of mine for the longest! I haven’t been there in a while! I miss it! I’m going to jump there in my next game! After being gone for a bit, there’s always a couple of runners just outside! I like that spot a lot! Thanks for reminding me!

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The reason I do not list any as favorites is because it is always changing and my needs from the safe houses in an area. I may jump to a safe house due to it being close to a well-known place that large groups of machines will be at the right time. But that safe house doesn’t have a recycle station or a crafting station so after the battle, I jump to a safe house that has both. If I am out on the edges of the map, I may jump to Stora Dyrbo, which has all stations and near to good hunting grounds in all directions if my next region will be the farmlands. Other times, solo, I may want to a region I don’t spend much time in, and I will jump to a safe house close to the edge of a region and work my way across the region looking for new battle grounds to quickly increase that region’s level.

But I also consider where the next battle will be. Each update takes away and adds those known places that machines gather, which the safe houses I jump to also will change as my needs do.

There are also a few safe houses close to POI to show fresh players of the game those hidden POI like the Iron Church or haunted campgrounds or an old bunker.


:joy::joy::joy::v:I know what you mean :+1:

That makes complete sense! You think it through and use the area that fits what’s you need before you jump there. Thus, no need for favorites! That’s awesome! Well thought out!

Sadly I’m not that coordinated. I’ll use an area as needed at times, but for the most part I go back to my favorite locations, like the Minken Bunker as it has all I need. I especially do that before closing out the game to balance out my inventory and have everything ready before I play next time.

But I definelty appreciate the input all the same and others feel free to discuss their favorites for if they have the same or different gaming style as you!