[Youtube] Dangerous Experiments Review


Out of curiousity, were there any weapon synergies with the new experimental weapons and the exp ammo? I don’t recall that being mentioned in the video, and currantly I’m waiting on a long download time. Ah the joys of having country bumpkin internet.

Ive found the Magnus will release Explosive Shrapnel instead of normal shrapnel when combined with Explosive .44

So something similar to an explosive shotgun effect in the fallout games? That sounds interesting. Makes me wonder how the Tar ammo works with it.

The Experimental Magnus is really useful when paired with a scope and an object penetrating sensor. You can see enemies through walls, and shoot the wall. On thinner walls (sheet metal, wood, etc), you will get the shrapnel effect on the other side of the wall and it will damage enemies. Really useful.

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I didn’t expect that. Wow.
That could be useful inside of houses, surrounded by enemies.

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