Zero Controller Support on Steam

Starting a new game coming over from console and the controller support flat doesn’t function. Playing on steam, controller settings on, everything is set up on steam, but the game simply doesn’t register that the controller is on or connected. Unable to use at all at the moment. Super disappointed by this as this is easily one of my favorite games. Any support would be appreciated.

While i don’t play GZ on PC with a controller, we have players here who do. From top of my mind, i’ll summon @liggisten , to perhaps help you out. :slight_smile:

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I have not played PC for a while, but I have played with many xbox, ps4 and razer controllers in the past.

Which controller are you using? If I have it, I will test it later.

Hi there Protagonist, welcome to the forums!
If youre using steam controller, or ps4(+) controller, the way to go is to use it as steam controller.
If its a xbox 360 (or newer), the builtin drivers should suffice.

Im using xbox one gamepad myself, using it as steam controller as i find it better at config compared to the windows xbox gamepad config app.

Is your gamepad working in other games?
If not, it might be driver-related, so check your device manager (right click on the start menu to quickly access these kinds of “admin utillities”) and check your USB and HID/gamepad devices.
If your gamepad is not listed or the icon has a questionmark, then its probably a driver issue, possibly a bad cable or incorrectly paired wireless solution.

I’ll gladly help you sort this out, just need more info. :slight_smile:

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