16 hours in - Great game but with bugs and frustrations

So I have been playing for around 16 hours and around lvl 9 overall really like the game.

I have been multiplaying in the game with two of my kids and here are my impressions below. To be clear, I really like the game and nothing is game breaking (apart from the one bug). Most are quality of life issues;

UPDATE: Seems a patch was released 2h ago which potentially address a number of the issues below.

1. It is far to easy to get higher class weapons (experimentals)…

Potentially fixed by Jan patch.

The kids each have experimental 50cals and rocket launchers and just go running all over the place taking down the bigger bots to get even more. Running around 2 shoting most bots sorta takes the fun out of it. Feels more like TF2 at that point.

2. Crashes

Potentially fixed by Jan patch.

The game has crashed on all 3 of our machines. Two machines with Sandy Bridge CPUS and GTX1660’s and one with Kaby Lake-X and a GTX1080Ti. I can provide more info by request from the Dev / Support team if needed.

3. Corrupted saves

We had a power outage and one out of 3 ended up with a completely corrupted game and had to start from the beginning. Surely you should be able to revert to the previous save status if the current save is corrupt… ?. Being able to stop back to one backup save if the most current is unusable is not a big ask.

4. Floating objects and bots (when killed).

Potentially fixed by Jan patch (objects not bots).

Item placement is a little off all over the place. Floating items, storage boxes etc. Bots dying and then floating 5ft off the ground.

5. Bots getting in to trouble.

At the airfield, we encountered two of the big bots stuck by the perimeter fence. Maybe limiting them to the runway area would make more sense. Big bot logic for where they can fit with low risk of getting stuck seems to be lacking.

6. Reloading when running (not).

Enabled by Jan patch - Confirmed working :+1:.

Running and trying to reload starts the reload animation and then aborts. Surely it would be better to not do the animation at all. Numerous times at the beginning I was running and desperately reloading, say the start of the animation and then stopped to face my attacker only for the reloading animation to play again. That is massively frustrating.

7. Inventory is just painful.

There is not inventory and container view on the same screen. Why not… this is a staple of just about all games of this type. The ability to swap between both with drag and drop is just so intuitive. Having to go from loot item screen to inventory to make room then back to look item screen etc is really bad design.

Please for the love of all that is holy group like items together and add category tabs to filter what is in the storage. Scrolling through 100 items where you have .44 bullets in positions 5, 17, 42, 76, 84 makes it a PITA trying to keep a tally of how many of each type of items you have stored.

8. No hotkeys for Take all etc.

When looting, sometimes in a hurry, I would like to be able to press a key to just grab all. Sure I can hit return but have to take my hand off the movement keys or mouse to reach across and do so. Most other game use the ‘E’ or ‘F’ so you don’t have to do that.

9. Scope view is sooooooo slow, especially on red dot sights.

I can understand using a x4 / x8 / x16 etc hunting scope as having a slowed down turning rate but a 2x red dot sight on an assault rifle making it pretty useless at close range without descoping, turning and re-scoping again… I would love to see movement with the red dot sight the same as with iron sights. The rest seem ok.

10. Bots seem to have no inertia / momentum.

Love the bot designs, component hit areas and everything but there movement, mainly their running seems to have no weight behind it. There is no inertia as they turn regardless of how much weight they have. Seeing the spiking bot zig zagging after me with ease and no slowdown on the turns etc just breaks the spell. Seeing the dog bots sliding as they change direction would also be awesome. The Dog bots walking etc is really good as it is, just the fast direction changes and getting up to speed from zero to super fast seems very wrong.

11. No infrastructure for the Bots.

There appears to be no infrastructure to maintain the bots anywhere. Things wear out, break etc so where are the repair facilities and how about ammo restocking. Would be a new level of interest.

12. Bicycles… oh no not another slight hill…

Love the addition of bicycles but please, allow them to go up hills a bit more. Sure no cycling up cliffs but over a small hill or enable the player to get off and push or something… I do like the hitting a hole and coming flying off though. That is pretty funny.

13. Missing icons for items in storage.

When going through the inventory or storage there are usually some items without icons and sometimes the preview stops on the wrong picture or in one case, two pictures were overlayed.

14. Clear the bots from the hotel bug.

Update: Played the following day after the patch and they appeared as they should.

In the mission after getting the meds from the store where you have to deliver them to the hotel in the mountains, the 4 bots you have to kill on the ground floor of the hotel failed to spawn. One explosive icon appeared but with nothing underneath.

15. Ammo seems to be way too common.

I am currently walking around with around 900 rounds of SMG FMJ ammo and lots of other types. Sure I can get through it fairly quickly in battles but it never feels hard to find. Less ammo would make it less like TF2 and more like a game where you have to be careful and sneak a bit more. TBH I prefer to shoot than sneak but this is just a bit too much.

16. Static (audio) every now and then.

Not sure if this is as intended but every now and then I will get static on the audio. If it is an indicator a bot is near by then good job. If not then …

Again, I really like the game and hope it does really well but it seems to need a chunk of polishing and the storage / inventory is just plain terrible and frustrating.



I agree with this unequivocally - the speed of scope turn should vary with the magnification. We used to use a x4 L2A2 SUIT Sight and it was fine for close combat, and the x2 Red Dot is designed for that. But as it is, you simply cannot make a shot on a moving machine at close range, and hip fire is nearly useless even with two skill points spent on it.

Bless your personal algorithm - mine is the reverse.


Normally you can recover from Cloud.
Also, and this is what I do, make save copies at regular interval.
Saves can be found here: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves\[#NUMBER].

Suggested this myself.
Agree 100%.

Actually, there’s a Necromage on mainland that does this from a distance.
Another one, a Teleport mage, makes your gear following you in your Plundra.
Weird world…

Yes, but according to @Bootie this seems SOMEWHAT fixed in a part?


Ahh, I must point out that I have two points on ammo savaging in the skills. Maybe that is what is tipping the balance :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks Xogroroth, I will take a look at the save locations. Trying to get the kids to backup, I fear, maybe a bit of a lost cause :smile:. If it has multiple saves, I would have thought on encountering a bad one it would step back to the previous one but this did not seem to happen.

For the infra side, I guess I need to get on and play more of the story :laughing:.

As for ammo, I am still pretty much swimming in it still. Running with the Experemental SMG, 5.56 assault rifle and a sniper (was exceptional .270 but just found a good 50cal).

Saying that, I am currently playing the Alpine Unrest solo and after clearing the police station I found myself beset by 8+ hunters and a couple of dogs plus some tics and a scout or two. Shooting from within the police station I was pretty safe from all but the tics but had to burn through 50+ rounds of 50cal, 700+ rounds of 5.56 and 400+ rounds of 9mm SMG (I didn’t note the type of each ammo).

The Alpine Unrest Hunters are far too bullet spongy. 10+ 50cal to the head plus front grills and still it is standing there. full extended mag of 5.56 seems to take 10% condition off (after all components visible already destroyed - front aspect).

Their rockets killing you through walls / ceilings is also very annoying. Fighting 3 Hunters solo for the downed pilot mission is a nightmare. Hiding in the small cabins is no good as their rockets can kill through the walls and they can also shoot tics through the windows (that is actually a nice touch).

The Hunters are by far my least favorite enemies just due to their movement and spongyness. Maybe a new thread for this topic :+1:.

Take a look at this thread for suggestions:

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So have I, but there is still an RNG in the algorithm, and they are all different. Bless yours.

Considering how much I get through taking the Hunters down I think it would be pretty much sneak everywhere without :wink:.

That’s mostly my game.