2500 Command Tokens and nothing to spend them on

The title says it all. I’m acquiring Command Tokens faster than I can get rid of them. 7 Base Assault days, the stupidest idea in the history of grinding, nets me 140 tokens. A Base Defense mission spends 10. Can we see how acquiring 140-200 Command Tokens a week, while spending, generously, 100 Tokens in Base Defense missions is only going to see the total increase without end? And now I find out that having too many seems to cause parts of the UI to fail, like losing all my Safe Houses, and the Resistance bases no longer showing up on the map or being available as a filter. I could create a base then relinquish it repeatedly, losing me 10 tokens per cycle, but that seems exhausting.

Can we please have something to do with the Command Tokens we’re acquiring? Is it that hard to use them to rebuild a FNIX base, or improve the capacity of our Resistance Bases? At least if I could force a FNIX base to build I might be able to keep up with the stupid 7 Base Assault days.



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