5* AT-WAD ridiculously high spawn rate (other DLC guns/mags too)

Platform: PC

Description: Spawn rate for 5* AT-WAD is way to high. The same goes for 5* N9, N9 magazines and AT-WAD magazines, also RLG-7 but AT-WAD is the biggest problem.
9x39 ammo drops are also to high, comparing to other ammo types (2-3 times higher).

Steps To Reproduce: Go somewhere with lots of FNIX and Apocalypse class Hunters (Himfjäll for example) and do some killing.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: i7 10700K, 32G RAM, RTX 3080

Here are results of only 1h of normal gameplay on Himfjäll (no grinding, just walking around the island):

After 15 hours of grinding, I still haven’t seen any Soviet weapons in 5* quality… lucky you, eh? :thinking:

Do you have any quality AT-WAD on your character? Maybe it’s somehow connected, like ammo.

The weapon drop chance is individual. Some are more lucky than others.

My luck:
1st one i found was 5* SVD, from 1st FNIX harv i took down after i bought the DLC.
Then, it took several days before i found 5* AT-WAD.
A day or two later, i found three 5* RPGs, all in one session.

As of date, i haven’t seen any Soviet 5* attachments. Best i’ve managed to find are 4* mags (AT-WAD and SVD) and 4* scope for RPG, one of each. Nothing more.
Somehow, for me, the RPG scopes, in any quality, just do not want to drop. I have ever found only one RPG scope.

With this, i wouldn’t say that the drop rate of them is way high.

Well this a first. I’m somewhat still bitter about the US grind - but now it’s too easy?

I have the complete collection, I had constant drops on Himfjäll from apocalypse class machines, I don’t know if this helps but to be honest it was a fast grind!

It’s bloody insane.
Complained the US rates are too low now they complain the Soviet rates are too high.

The poor devs listened the community yet they still end up wrong in the eyes of the needy.

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Perhaps it can be adjusted some time in the future, though it’s hardly much of a priority for right now. Better to just enjoy the spoils, and save up on valuable materials.

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Playing daily the game for some hours since the Resistance release and indeed the 5* AT-WAD and his magazine drop insane high in my case.
But the RLG-7 is a disaster…until now no 4* or 5* dropped :rage:

MIxed reviews then, fair to say some find it easy some hard - so on balance ( compared to US drops ) sounds OK to me.

I mean… just save them for someone else right?

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The AT-WAD drops more often partly because they drop from Hunters, which there are plenty of.
There are less Tanks by comparison, so the hunt for that RLG-7 might take a bit longer.
It does drop though :+1:

Is there a table for what weapons drop from which machines? I mean not only the Sovjet once but for all weapons?

Devs do have it yes. Players, well, they need to note down and read from the patch notes to know.

I’m obviously blind. I don’t find a weapon <> machine type correlation in the patch notes.

Here they are:

Machine loot
Item rarity is tied to machine class with C-class variants dropping the best items

Source: June Update Now Live | Generation Zero

New Gear: Experimental Weapons
To match the challenge involved in taking out Rivals, we’ve created a new tier of weapon for each weapon class that have a chance to drop when you defeat them. As the Rivals get stronger, the better chance you have to get your hands on these powerful weapons.

Source: October Update Patch Notes | Generation Zero

Thankfully, the new Machine Gun class of weapons we’ve introduced can also be found by all players. There is a twist though, you’ll have to defeat some of the new machines to have a chance to get them.

Source: Alpine Unrest Update Notes | Generation Zero

2.Experimental Weapons drop chance should now be correctly tied to Rival level and Machine type. The lowest chance is now a Level 1 Prototype Class Hunter and the highest is a Level 4 Apocalypse Class Tank.

Source: January Update - Now Live! | Generation Zero

And the same goes for what loot the Reaper drops - we’ve shared some teasers and gameplay of the Experimental Sledgehammer that you can get, but that’s not all that can be looted.

Source: November Update - Patch Notes | Generation Zero

With all that, we can learn:

Vanilla weapons:
1* 2* proto
3* mil
4* 5* FNIX

Experimental weapons:
Rivals, where:
lowest chance with lvl1 proto hunter
highest chance with lvl4 apo tank

Apo class, where:
1* 2* runner
3* hunter
4* 5* tank


And the rest comes from gameplay:

Melee weapons:
same as vanilla weapos

US and Soviet DLC:

N9, AT-WAD - hunter
N16, SVD - harv
N60, RPG - tank

1* 2* proto
3* mil
4* 5* FNIX and apo


Thank you very much. I looked for a list or similar, that’s why I didn’t find anything. Silly me :crazy_face:

So basically all vanilla weapons can be dropped by machines from runner till tank. A FNIX runner can drop a 5* Älgstudsare while a proto tank can drop a 1* Möller. Got it. The machine type correlation is only valid for the DLC weapons. I thought there is a correlation within the vanilla weapons as well.


What I got from my viewers (yes I have a small YT channel, shameless plug :relaxed:) is the large amount of N9s and AT-WADs. Having your list makes this understandable and I can explain the drop probability to them. This is great news.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen the same correlation with vanilla weapons as it is with DLC weapons. (E.g handguns dropping only from hunters.) Also, it’s hard for devs to splice the vanilla weapons between machine types, since there are far more vanilla weapons than machine types.

Though, when it comes to the vanilla weapons and machine type (runner, hunter, harv, tank), they seem to have a correlation in drop chance, where there is slim to no chance for a weapon drop from runner while pretty good chance for a weapon to drop from a tank.

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Herre gud…

After numerous Harvesters I finally managed to get a 5* Kotenok…

…from an APO Harvester rival.

Before that I only got a 4* one from a FNIX Harvester.

AT-WAD and RLG-7 have been no problem, especially the AT-WAD + magazines of course. That drop rate is ridiculous, imho. It felt like every second APO Hunter dropped an AT-WAD, e.g. in one fight with an APO Harvester the Hunter escort (8 of them in total) dropped 3(!) 5* AT-WADs + 2 5* AT-WAD magazines…

Was it worth it ? Imho no…

My 2 ct

Funny. Yesterday I had a fight with a FNIX harvester and it’s hunter companions and some Apo hunters mixed in. It was about 10-15 hunters in one fight but no AT-WAD or magazine. The RNG is still all over the place unfortunately.