.50 Sniper Rilfe Range and other fire arm firing ranges

Though not quite a bug per se, the range of the .50 “Pansargevar 90” is poorly, VERY underwhelming.
From real life:
“The soldier shot an IS militant dead from 3,540 metres, which is just over two miles away, in Iraq last month. The previous record was held by British sniper Craig Harrison, who killed a Taliban fighter in 2009 in Afghanistan from 2,475 metres away (1.5 miles).”
The .50 in game hardly can reach up to 400meters, and even then has serious bullet drop.

I hope this gets to be addressed.
*NOTE: I am an ex-military, 1Lt (2 gold stars) in the Belgian army, Para unit of Marche Les Dames, 2nd Linie.
Though I did not use a .50 call Barret, I did fire a few Barret versions such as the M82 and M90, the Druganov and Druganov SVU, and a few other types.
My personal weapon by choice was the FN Minimi 7.62mm, which I mastered so well, I could actually perform shot per shot (not easy with an LMG, trust me).
This led to attaching a sniper scope to it, a 5-15x40 Tactical Scope, and i began to use it as sniper rifle, in and out combat situations.
Being a sniper type fella, the severely underwhelming ranges of the weapons annoys me beyond anything (this because for one, I know the hard facts about sniping, as well as being autistic, which makes me OCD about the topic.)

Although I DO understand, that, for one, it is “only a game”, and otherwise: “for game’s sake (balance maybe?)” we tweaked this down a lot (maybe because, atm, no machines are visible beyond 400m?), I STILL would love to see the weapons firing a lot further, EXCEPT for the pistols, shotguns and SMG’s.
These then, oddly, overperform in range!!!

I can take a machine under fire with a Moller, being it 150 meters away… (haven’t tested this in higher ranges).
50 meters would be a great shot, if you actually hit your target, that is, if the target did not pluck the bullet out of the air, as it would have no power left.
Actual range would be, for a deadly shot, perhaps 30 meters.

The Magum .44 could fire up to MAYBE 100 meters by an expert marksman, and hit a target, but here too, the bullet would have no power left, and can be picked out of flight with bare hands.
Actual range, for a deadly shot, would be about 50 meters.

For shotguns (I can ONLY speak for Slug Ammo, we NEVER used Buckshot or Birdshot when being a Para): the range for a deadly shot would be maximum about 80meters, and this means, the target would be naked, if he wore a strong t-shirt so to speak the slug would not even kill him.
12g slugs are insanely effective in short range.
Past 30 to 40 meters though, they lose speed (and thus power) FAST.
Slugs fall dead before 100meters.
So yeah, though you can snipe in GZ FAR beyond 200 with a Shotgun… that is absolutely NOT realistic.

For SMG’s, it would be about 150 to 200 meters effective range, depending on the ammo used.
If I think of the H&K MP5, which used a 9x19 Parabellum round, it could reach 200meters when shot under good conditions.

If we take reality in consideration, I would bring the pistols, shotties and SMG’s are low-range weapons, the hunting Rifles, AR’s and Sniper be long ranged weapons…
I would suggest to tweak these to more appropriate ranges, with bullet-effectiveness decrease and bullet drop after appropriate (realistic) ranges.

Thank you.


good point on view distance for how far the game should render enemies . this is important when it comes down to game performance, if every enemy was rendered at 2.5 kilometers away i wonder the speed of the game and its requirements . also im sure alot has to be considered on what is “too over powered” , im sure game developers put this into consideration. really good post mate.

@jakel thank you.

Maybe, they could implement system based “settings” so more powerful machines could get better distances…?

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agree with you there mate :smiley:

Another option is dynamic FoV rendering. it is currently in game as you can see by planting a canister then run like 100m away. It will disapear from you eyesight, but it is visible when you use a scope. So technically it is possible to render only very smal FoV of sniper scope. The problem is when you are moing the scope to another directions and engine has to constantly render this 2km of view range. same when you quit scope and engine has to intantly render the eye-sight scene. propably too much work to do for propably bad performance

im not a game programmer ,and i hear what u say summoner , i wonder if higher priority targets could be mapped around player without rendering them , it would still spike the FOV on scope , but this could be something to look into , even add to game options like [ enemy spawn distance ] - { performance - low, med , high }
in years time we may have 100 core cpus computers and ddr20 with 5 terrabytes of mem

Well, currently the game was made for actual potatoes…
So even right now, this would be ideal to have.

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the enemy is not a problem, problem is when you are trying to render this 1km of trees in you sight, or grass or anything, so this 100-500m is good enought for the game

@Summoned88 Those only need to render in the scope’s sight, not in the whole game, now does it? :slight_smile: