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So, I am Hanz Weber, German, police officer of occupation, not that new to GZ, but this is my very first post.
The reason I signed up, is because, I am unhappy, sad, really…
When I logged into Steam on my day off, I was greeted by a chat from a friend, also GZ player, that told me, “Xogrroth” no longer was member.

Now, let me tell you a few things.
First of, I became aware of Xogroroth (my friend spelled it wrong) when looking into an issue I had, long ago.
My game had a stutter, it was as if my game kept missing a few frames in FPS.
Now, I passed by a post (There’s a help topic he made that I cannot find, oddly? Deleted?) in which he suggested to check the page file amount, and he suggested a usable amount.
That fixed it.

Now, I read more of him, and he kind of grew on me.
For instance when he suggested new bots: [SUGGESTION]Bots/Drones
Or his remake of this: [SUGGESTION]New enemy types - Remade
Or, his weapon ideas: .50 Sniper Rilfe Range and other fire arm firing ranges
And many others.

Let me explain why I love this guy: He’s explaining EVERYTHING: how, why, where, I mean, he does a truly good job of explaining everything.
He’s not shy to tell you any possible issues, he is correct towards people (always very polite, very friendly, helpful, …), and, as far as I know, has not ever been an… ass…

When he encounters an idea that is not doable, he will point out why, again very hard explaining why, in a sensible way.

And I kind of “fell in love” with his personality.
He was, by far, the most decent person around,
Now, prove me wrong, and I’ll stand corrected.

His posts (older ones) were just loved by many.
Check his bot posts, really, this guy basically nailed it.
When he began about aliens, I thought to myself, yeah well, no…
This is just… no.
However, reading on, I began to see his reasoning, his ideas grew on me, especially, when he explained the options that this idea gave.
Just… wow…
He was on track, fer sure.
And though loved by MANY… he was unheard.
Avalanche didn’t do a thing with his brilliant ideas.

From the beginning, I wanted a motorcycle, a la Husqvarna, an off-road dirt bike.
Others began to suggest bicycles, and Xogroroth said: well no, since, landscape does not lend to it, we have teleportation, it just is a silly idea.
And from a reasoning point of view?
He nailed this.
But, Avalanche gave us bicycles, again ignoring reason.
Same with these stash plundra boxes.
And Xogroroth tackled (which I initially also wanted) level cap removal, which made me, how else can it be, rethink me wanting it.
He did it in such clear, sensible way, I could not but agree.

Now, funny, while his so loved ideas were totally ignored, what he opposed and which was entirely sensible, was ignored.
And people began to get annoyed by him, because he kept hanging on these issues.

I have an autistic brother, he has the very same issue.
Erik just can’t let go, if it does not makes sense.
Only way to solve this one track behavior, is to make it sensible.
Naturally… that is not always what people (even me) wants, often I want something else, even if it is not sensible.
It’s a human thing I guess…

To make things short: Xogroroth was a pillar in the community.
Even if not everyone knows, or even wants to see it, he actually was.
I mean, take this post: Clean console keybind layout
He even politely asked help for this: [ASSISTENCE NEEDED]Console Keybind List
This just shows, just what a person he is: in my humble opinion, a truly stand up guy, that, yes, is very one-tracked at times, but if we are totally honest, not without reason.

@Avalanche_Graham: This Xogroroth did so much good…
Maybe… you should consider hiring him, if from an outsider help source.
He has good ideas, he has the brain, he might be quite a powerful ally in your quest for a good game.
If you are honest, you see the values he has.
I truly believe he would be a very strong acquisition to the team.

At others, I ask you, should Xogroroth return, and hell, I really hope he will… give him a warm welcome…
He really deserves that.
And if you’re honest, you see and admit it.
He was a true pillar to Generation Zero.
And yes, he sure has his… issues… but I think we all can be great enough to just… accept these…
Erik thought me a LOT about autism, and I had to learn to be accepting too, as Erik just cannot help it…
I think, Xogroroth simply cannot either.

As they say: let him who is perfect, throw the first stone.
I surely am NOT that person.
And I damn well know this…

Love to you all:

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