Now, although the small variety, I like those that I encountered so far.
The “Doggies”, “Spiders”, “UFO’s”, “Bipods”, …

However I would like to see an even bigger variety.
Preferably true military in style, meaning with this, that they are spec-build.
Specialized machines.
“Sneakers” (these crawl silently and ‘unseen’ up to engage you in close combat (Venom Syringe, Electro-Stun, …)
“Gunners”: Quad- to Hexa- to even Octopod (depending on the carried weapon type, the more blowback/weight, the more legs to support the weapon and ammo load), different in size from cat (the Quadpods to cow (Minigun maybe).
“Cannoneers”: These carry the bigger type weapons which fire explosives. The bigger the cannon the bigger the carrier.
“Tactical Systems”: Spy Drones based on specific function.
“Support Systems”: Ammo Carriers, Repair Drones, …


Thank you.


They are all great idea’s.
They would make some great adittion to the game as it is sofar.

Every type you mention is cool.
Coolest, when all these get into the game, would be if the “Support System Robots”
could be hacked or looted in order to get some of the good stuff intended to resupply the robots for yourself. Like looting a “.50 CAL Ammo resupply Hexapod” on it’s way to a Tank.
Or imagine looting a special sensor from a spy robot that emmits signals in a way that
active robots think you are one of them, allowing you to freely walk amoungst them.

I believe devellopers of Generation Zero mentionned a few times alreaddy that they don’t have a budget like other AAA games out there. Well, the audience understands and respects this I believe since the game is quite cool as it is for the budget they say they had. But let’s be honest, I’m sure that this game will reach high sales results, so for Generation Zero: Part 2 - I don’t believe they will have this excuse anymore :wink: since, IMO, they will have sufficiant funds to create all of this very soon enabeling them to really drive their own Creating and Develloping skills to it’s maximum :wink: :+1:

Depends, on the actual sales.
I mean, things surely cost, and they have the time they invest in programming, creating, server, the network, internet log-on, …
They do run serious costs.

You know what I would do?
Create a Contest, where folks can bring in something, which then will be used ingame, with a special mention to that creator, and he might for instance get a cool outfit that is unique.
Naturally, this contest would state, that everything posted, is prone to be used, thus, copyright would not be valid.
This will cover their arse, since, IF you participate, you agree to give up ANY right to copyright.
See, if you bring in the community, things could become… quite interesting… right? :wink:

But… that would be me.

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I love that Idea Xogroroth.
The one of the contest I mean.
I don’t know anything about programming, but I studied “Product Design”
in my younger years. I’m quite a good “pencil to paper” 2D drawer if I may say so
and I also love to create 3D drawings (machines and weapons) in CAD via Solid Edge.

So a contest would be cool. Also for other in-game idea’s some people have that do not involve designing robots or features but simple come down to the idea itself.

Prices could varry from how good the idea is. A simple skin for a truly great idea is kind of a “petit reward”. Evidently you need to give up the copyright if you participate (a name being mentioned of the creator would be nice thow). Better prices for great ideas would be cool: like a weekend trip to Sweeden for a great idea would be nice :wink:
Or better, a Joboffer within the Generation Zero Builders Crew as a 1st price, … muhaha :wink:
Would love to be part of such a thing as creating such a nice game :+1:

True, it is a “small” reward.
But isn’t the REAL reward far better: a GREAT GAME?
I mean, I would do this WITHOUT even a price.

I am spewing ideas for the moment at 200kmph, and I get NOTHING for it!
At the Devs: USE WHAT YOU LIKE!!!
No strings attached.

In the end, aren’t you posting here to do just this: make the game GREATER than it is already? :wink:
Food for thought.



In the end you are right, don’t get me wrong.
Making a better game in the end is what it comes down to.

But hey, I don’t know how old you are, but at my age you also
learn that there is no shame in wanting something, even if it’s little,
in return sometimes for “really great idea’s”.
My rent and the food of my pets don’t pay for themselves.
I have to urn it, right? :wink:

But as I said, in the end you are right. Huge prices or not, making stuff better is what thrives us.

We seem to be lot alike. I also have tonns of idea’s. People like us sometimes
need like a supervisor that sifts through the idea’s to decide what is good and what not so much,
cause with the speed we come up with new idea’s a game like this would never be finished since we would continuously add more and more idea’s, simply because they come so easy, right :wink:

48, and counting.
And true, but, we do this OUTSIDE our jobs right?
I do.

Now, if they would FORCE me to take reward “X”, well…
I would accept it, because polite.
However, I require nothing, I am a true minimalist, and this falls within that category: it’s not life-necessary, thus… :wink:

And yes.
We DO need someone to sift through the ideas.
Actually, sadly, it is only ONE (well, depends on who the one(s) with the idea are, how far they share) that should do this, as he/she only (unless as said above, more are involved in that core) is the one with the vision.
I can spew a billion ideas, but if they do not fit in the Mastermind’s vision, they are obsolete, correct? :slight_smile:


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I underestimated your age buddy, sorry :wink:
As I said we are quite alike. I’m just a few years younger.

Hell, I’ll take a nice “personal” skinn for an implemented idea if offered.
I’m fine with that.

It’s just, being able to do this for an actual living would be so much more satisfying.
To be able to live that dream, helping create games and not simply play them,
and getting payed for it would be better don’t you agree.
I"m quite minimalistic aswell, I truly am, but I still need a roof above my head
and my pets need to be fed.

Yes, offcourse, we do this in our spare time, off-work, but hey,
I have lizard pets, I like Metal Detection, I’m a sports Shooter, I like drawing 2D
and I like designing in 3D, so there are a lot of hobbies/options to choose from
where I want to spend my free time and what to do with it.
You know what I’m trying to say right ?

And yes, I feel the same way, if we are as much alike as I think we are,
we need that one person (she or he) who has the vision, as I only need to
hear the vision for my mind to start putting out idea’s at lightspeed :slight_smile:
Still a filter (supervisor) is necesarry to finetune what they like and what not.
Cause you are right, an idea that does not fitt in the Masterplan is obsolete.

Most do, don’t worry.
I like especially the “kiddies” around in games: “Whoa, you’re OLD! And you play games???”
They never get it: it began with us!!! XD

Well, why don’t you offer your skills to companies?
Could be a nice side-job?

Nice, a man of many a talent, I see.
Fairly costly ones, too.

In my case, autism and ADHD, I have the issue that, once my brain fires up, I cannot stop nor control it.
By the time i begin a project, my brain is 300 projects down the road and i completely lost the whole intention, idea and thus get stuck. :S
If only there were filters that were compatible to me… dreams away


You are totally right. I get that a lot also.
True: It started with us :muscle::facepunch::ok_hand::+1:

That’s a good idea of offering these skills to companies,
don’t knwo why it somehow never comes to that.
I live in a small country. Probably concerning this one fact
I think to much “inside” the box as I assume that these companies
are far away, etc…; but we livein the digital age right.
I should indeed do something in that direction.
Could be a nice side-job indeed.
Thanks for the little push.

I have indeed quite some hobbies, but I didn’t get them
like in 2 days right. My pets (Frilled lizards and waterdragons)
are 13 years old now, I saved monney for my metal detector for about 2 years, etc…

So they didn’t come overnight. With years of age come things we keep from the past
adding up to a lot the older we get :wink:

I totally get what you mean in case you have autism and ADHD.
The fact that the brain is able to such remarkable speeds of creating output and idea’s
is a beautifull gift in a certain way, but it is also quite a curse in some situations.
I personally don’t loose track of the intention, but as I said, my mind can also generate
ideas pretty fast so at the end there are so manny that implementing all simply isn’t possible.
I find it very hard sometimes to decide myself what is good and what not so good.
Therefore, as we both agree, someone with the vision is needed. What is good is kept, what is not so good gets thrown away.

Not sure if I understand what you mean by your last phrase, sorry mate.
Do you feel like explaining it a bit better to me? Would be nice to understand.

About my last sentence: I sure could use a few filters, to lessen the havoc in my mind.
It’s like a mega-waterfall in my head, and sometimes it becomes even overwhelming.
Do know, I am 48, near 49 (June 12), and even after my experience in this regard, i STILL get overwhelmed…

Ah well.
Sic vita est. :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for explaining. I understand better what you mean now.
It must be indeed overwelming to have such a waterfall going off in your brain.
Up to a certain point I understand what you mean to say. I don’t have autism and ADHD
so I will not pretend to know exactly how you feel but I can understand you up to a certain point.

In my case the idea’s stop comming once I understand that the posed question, objective, problem, has been dealth with in such a way that whoever poses the question, has the problem, or gives me the objective, is satisfied and feels happy. When I noticed that
the issue has been solved, ideas slowely start to slow down to the point they stop a few hours later. At that point a go into the mode that looks for the next challenge.

I’m sure if you wheren’t able to create a few filters in your lifetime (at your age) sofar
this means that it is not simple. However, just to trie to help in some way.
I don’t want to compare, but I find myself sometimes staying awake because of the small tiny waterfall in “my” head and it usually helps me if I start doing something that really needs ALL MY FOCUS to do. This is why I am a sports shooter. It sounds silly but I shoot .22 lr. pistol, single handed at 25 meters. Believe it or not, but this requires all your senses. This is not the rambo style “shoot everything” sport most people will believe it is. To shoot a .22 pistol at 25 M single handed requires all your focus. No room for other toughts.

I also shoot .22 lr at 50 M single handed, this even more requires your intire attention.

Same goes with metal detecting. There is a lot more to it than people think if you want to make those amazing finds like roman artifacts or celtic bronze axes, just to give you an example.

What I mean to say my friend:

If you are not able to create some filters of your own to help you to turn the waterfall into a gentle stream. Why not look for something you can do that requires all your sense.
I believe this could be a way to stop the triggers in your head all by themselves.
Maybe it is worth a try. A simple airpistol with 4,5 mm diabolos is not so expensive.
Put that target far enough, like at 15 or 20 M and try, TRULY TRY, to always keep
hitting the center of the target single handed… Maybe it suprises you how difficult it actually is
and maybe you slow down that mind of yours a bit this way.

Well, gaming helps a tiny bit…
Music helps a tiny bit…

I have an Auticoach now, so, I hope this will help. :slight_smile:
Just began with this coaching so…

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I’m sure they wouldn’t have such a “auticoach” if it didn’t help in some way.

Gaming can be quite compared to me shooting a .22.
When you do it right, gaming also demands your entire focus.
The point is you need to do something you like to prevent
your thoughts to go back to that other stuff, especially if you like that stuff aswell.

I’m sure the auticoach will have much better idea’s to help you with this matter.
I do wish you good luck and succes with that mate :+1:


I’ve got a question for you:

Can you draw, 2D or 3D, do you like that?

I can, but I am more of a technical drawer, not so a freestyle, artistic drawer…
When i work on a technical plan, I can keep focus somewhat because of what is expected of me, but when I need to go imaginary… I get lost and end up with a smudge, basically.

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No problem, suits me even better for what I have to say.

But please, you have to enjoy my next text with some care!
I’m serious, be carefull with this. This is NO JOKE.
Especially if you find it difficult to stop that waterfall of idea’s in your head.
But if you have the idea’s anyway, and cant stop them, why not put them to good use.

So here “COULD” be a great idea for you:

There is a platform that I am a member of, it’s called GRABCAD.

This is a platform for … inventors (well mostly 3D designers actually).
It is a open “NON COMMERCIAL” forum where you can post your 3D drawings.
The good thing is that they do have some great competitions regularly.
Like for instance the SPACE CUBE SATELLITS competition a year ago.
This was a “true” competition from NASA and the even more cool thing is
that these CUBES do indeed fly in space now. Isn’t that a great reaward
to put your mind to? Having a creation of yours in space orbitting earth?
Especially if you find technical stuff a challange.

It would surely provide you with a release valve to get that brain of yours working on
if it can not be stopped anyway.

Here is the link: