[ASSISTENCE NEEDED]Console Keybind List

I am no console user, but many ask for the binds.
Could you, console users, please help me assemble such a list?

I’d be very grateful, and so will be the asking console users.

Thank you, all that co-operate!!!

PS4 Control Listings -

Left Stick - Movement
L3 - Run

Right Stick - Aim
R3 - Flashlight on/off

X - Jump / Confirm
Circle - Crouch (Stealth) / Cancel
Square - Reload / Interact
Triangle - Switch Primary Weapons (Double-Tap for Sidearm)

D-Pad - Hotbar Selection
D-Pad (While ADS or Binoculars) - Vision Mode Selection

L1 - Emote Wheel
L2 - Aim Down Sight (ADS)

R1 - Firing Mode Selection
R2 - Fire / Use Item

Touch Pad Click - Map/Inventory Menu
Option - Game Menu

  • Credit to GuzzoPiraten for helping to put this list together.

R2: fire / scroll right in submenu
R1: scroll right in main menu
Triangle: push 1x = change primary weapon / push 2x = change to sidearm
Circle: stand / crouch
Cross: jump / open inventory context menu
Square: action button = open doors,surch boxes,take items / move item in inventory
Joystik R: camera view / hip fire aim
Joystick R3: activate / deactivate flashlight

Options: game setting / multiplayer / exit game
Touchpad: activate/deactivate menu

L2: aim with scope-sights / scroll left in submenu
L1: scroll left in main menu
Up: quickmenu item 1 / move up in menu
Right: quickmenu item 2 / move right in menu
Down: quickmenu item 3 / move down in menu
Left: quickmenu item 4 / move left in menu
Joystick L: move / move in menu
Joystick L3: sprint

Credit to @Moonmist

I just neen the XBOX controller key bind.
Anyone kind enough to post them below, please?

Thank you.

LS - Movement.
LS - Click to run.

RS - Aim / look around.
RS - Click to turn flashlight on/off.
RS (On map screen) Focus player.

A - Jump / Confirm / Revive player / Select/Place way point marker (when on map screen).
B - Crouch / Cancel.
X - Reload / Interact.
Y - Switch Weapons (Double Tap for Sidearm).
Y (after opening the map screen) - Toggle Map Legend on off.

D-Pad Hotbar Selection - Left,Right,Up,Down.
D-Pad (Binoculars) - Vision mode selection - left,right.
D-Pad (When ADS) up,down to zoom in/out of scope.

LB - Emote Wheel.
RB - Switch from automatic/semi automatic fire rate.

RT - (After selecting an item with D-Pad), throw flare / sticky flare / fireworks / small radio.
RT - (After selecting an item with D-Pad), place items on the ground (Gas can, health pack, ammo pack, Boombox, Radio Becon).
RT - Fire Gun.

Menu button (start button) - Game options Menu.
View button (select button) - Map screen.
LB/RB (after pressing the view/select button) Cycle from Map / Inventory / Skills / Log / Profile / Emotes / Team screens.

LS - Left Stick
RS - Right Stick
LT - Left Trigger
RT - Right Trigger
LB - Left Bumper
RB - Right Bumper
View Button (Select button on old school controllers)
Menu Button (Start button on old school controllers)