A Bug Or By Design?

I was doing a tour of inspection of my bunkers and to farm ammo for my newly acquired AI-76 :). When I visited Skarven bunker it was over run with ticks and dogs which I had to clear out again. Is this by design? Its the only bunker that has, up to now, had robots respawn there.

A few bunkers have respawning Machines in them, yep. Muskudden also has Machines in it, notably Runners and Hunters.

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Okay thanks, I will keep away from there then :slight_smile:

As @Zesiir mentioned, some of the bunkers have respawning enemies in them. From my own experience, if you completely clear them out a few times though, they stop respawning, at least for the command bunkers. Muskudden and Torsberga do indeed have persistently respawning machines inside, but they also have on average better loot than most of the command bunkers do. Norrmyra, once you get that far, is probably your best bet for restocking, I almost never see machines there (other than occasional ticks in the houses on the south end), and it’s got a bunch of lotable objects.

This post states that Norrmyra is locked Norrmyra Artillery Base is that still the case and where is it?

Okay, forget that, I had already been there but it was nice to visit again and stock up. As ahferroin7 said just a couple of ticks in the houses but nothing else. A great place to restock!