A few new machine concepts

I currently have 3 designs, I’ll add more if I end up making more
Here is the link to my tinkercad account, where I make all my designs.

Hey @genzconcepts :wave:

FYI when I visit that link I am not seeing anything but a blank page. Are you sure that your creations are public/viewable without signing in to your account? Maybe you can make them public somehow?

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I made them all public, so I’m not sure what the problem is, try reloading the page or something?

This how it looks:

Try going on to tinkercad, then selecting the gallery icon, then look up my designs
(Brawler, Hopper, Crawler)

*add GenZ game design concept to the end if my work doesn’t show up

Also the colors I have on my designs are FNIX colorings

I don’t know man, your link leads to an empty page.
When I search for Brawler, Hopper or Crawler there are no matching results.

To the end of what exactly?

Don’t use my link, go on to tinkercad through google. click the gallery tab on top, then in the top right, there is a search icon. click it, then look up crawler/hopper/brawler GenZ game design concept.

genz game machine concept*

If that doesn’t work, then idk

Can’t you just post pictures of you design here directly? Seems a lot easier according to me!

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Yeah… I should’ve thought of that earlier, that’s a lot easier



Screenshot 2021-11-21 9.33.36 AM.png




A front view of the hopper pack isnt working…

Crawler desc.
A spider-like machine concept for the game Generation zero.
It would crawl after your character at a relatively slow pace and fire its cannon at you. shoot the fuel cells on its back to cause an explosion and high damage.

Hopper desc.
A small (slightly larger than a runner) machine which hops around and fires its machine guns at your character if you get too close. Larger than average detection radius because of multiple optics mounted on top of its head. Always spawns in packs of 4.

Brawler desc.
A design concept for a new type of machine in Generation zero
it would run after your character with surprising speed, be able to spawn runners and punch your character, As well as fire a mortar round or a few machine gun bursts at you if you get far away.

edit the link doesn’t work, there are pictures of my designs at the bottom of the page