A few quality of life suggestions


So I’ve played in excess of 70 hours and really love this game. There are however a few things I think would make the game more enjoyable.

Simplified inventory
It’s always an issue if you have to enter a menu to access the item you want. And because the game has many different types of items that fill the same role, you have to do it often. There should be an option to make the game work a bit more like The Division, where each slot is assigned to a role. One for health, another for distractions, another for traps and a final for miscelaneous. Thus, when you run out of your currently equipped health pack, the game immediately switches to another.

Regain health "for free"
Another issue is that the only way players can regain health is through items. Where other games allow players to regain health by sleeping or even just fast travelling, GZ forces players to either use consumables… or kill themselves. One solution could be to…

Differentiate safe houses and Bases of Operations
To me it’s a bit silly that every single safe house has facilities to store your stuff, build bicycles, disassemble weapons and make clothes. IMO, there should be a differentiation between safe houses, meaning places to which you can fast travel, and what I’d call Bases of Operation: places with all of the facilities. Bases would (perhaps after a line of side quests) could have the facilities, as well as a bed where players can sleep to adjust the time of day and regain health.

Better weapons for abundant ammo
The guns that players unlock early in the game become quite useless later on. Möller PP isn’t really adequate to even take care of ticks, Meuser isn’t powerful enough to destroy enemies even when hitting their weak spots etc. As such, these weapons go unused and the ammo floods storage.
So a solution to this would be to introduce better weapons that make use of these ammo types.
Pansarvärnsgevär 42 A semiauto rifle with a 10 round capacity, based off the AG42. Fires Älgstudsare ammo.
KILO63 A prototype domestic assault rifle designed to fire Meuser ammo. Looks like the GRAM m/63.
Kpist m/84 An SMG that fires Möller PP ammo. The Tec-9 was originally designed as a military SMG, featuring a stock, and could thus be the visual inspiration.

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