Generation zero ideas

Sounds a bit stupid but another mode in the game you can play as the machines with your friends as players or something along they lines


It’s not a stupid idea. Similar ideas have popped up in the forums before, can’t remember where it’s posted at the moment, but there was an idea someone had about having a pet runner or upgrading the tech tree to allow one to hack and actually control one of the bots, (one of my faves). Keep the ideas coming brother , the Devs don’t commit to every idea but they do ponder them and if enough people talk about and request it, it could become a reality one day.


Me, way back on August the 11th. I know the date 'cos that bugger @IanForce nicked it with his silly Tech-hack and I had to look it up in order to dish 'im… :crazy_face:

Edit - left off the crazy face…


It was a cool idea, I would like to see it implemented one day.

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What would you think of this, for instance?


Awesome idea. And I like the idea of the blueprints and actually crafting from scratch
Would give us all something else to work towards in the future.


I think it’s a fantastic idea. It’s the kind of recipe that works with a co-op shooter too.

I’d love the idea of, say, taking on the role of a FNIX Hunter, maybe even a Rival, and invade @Bootie’s game and hunt him down… Yes, that’d be delightful.

Evil, robotic laugh :robot:


You’re such a mean person…

I love that. XD


Oh right! Just don’t expect to survive it!


Didn’t even think of that option . A setting in your game menu that would give you the option to allow someone to enter your game as a bot and an alert would pop up on screen like when a rival is created to let you know which region but not exactly where on the map in order to keep you in suspense. A lil game of cat and mouse. I like it!:+1:

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Thats not stupid at all, give yourself more credit.

In fact, theres support for it in the the game lore, since ticks can be hacked. So a player could play a hacked machine.

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Nice idea, sorta Dead by Dawn or the PvP mode in Left for Dead (1/2 ?).

The biggest question though would be … how would you find each other. It is a pretty big map and you could be running around or days never bumping in to each other.

Maybe the bot has a hot or cold type tracking system. Footprints in the snow, touched locations and starts at a point XXXX number of game hours behind the survivor.

The survivor gets an alert as mentioned above and can try to find ways of masking their continued path. Shame you cannot walk in water (or can you in small streams, have not tried ?).

Bots view will be infra red or something like it.

What to call the mode ??

  • Hunter hunting the hunted.
  • Seek and Destroy (with appropriate background music - or a heavily influenced sound alike if the licensing is too expensive).
  • Evade and Survive.
  • Cat & Mouse (as suggested above).
  • Hunted mode.

Cool idea yes, but that would make GZ into PvP, not PvE as it currently is. Also, Graham have said this many times, including in the latest dev stream that PvP in GZ isn’t going to happen.

What can happen, and what was said in one of the older dev streams, is a player being e.g Runner and fighting alongside his co-op buddies. Something along the lines of you taking control of a Runner and operating it remotely. Basically turning the table on whoever or whatever controls the machines currently.

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That’s how hacker should work imho!


Can’t have this as long as machines don’t scale with the amount of players.
That is where my idea came in, as the player would ‘possess’ the machine, his body would become… inert… so to speak, even up the numbers to max 4 again.
Note that, scaling will STILL not be there, but it’s ONE (or even FOUR if they all decide to hack) still, thus the number of ‘friendlies’ is not affected.
Also, how fun would it be, to run havoc as a tank?
Or a frikken tick. Xd
Not that a could would be ably to run much havoc, still…
OOOOH, missile ticks! facepalm

You know to be honest I thought when I posted I was going to get turned down with my thoughts but I’m really enjoying these ideas coming up keep them going

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I understand where you are coming from but even if the mode was against PvE but the player was the robot instead of you get where I’m coming from?


I would love to be a tank and the laugh of running at someone :joy:


Sir, you do not need to fear for being turned down here.
We’re all somewhat adult (I dare to run off track depending on what is proposed, due to having this idea about GZ and “realism”), and this idea has been brought forth by several folks, including me (in a wee different form).
Many a game bring in “Pet Mastery” in some form, and here I think, Machine Masters would actually suit the story.
ESPECIALLY since the day of GZ birth, Hacking “was a (not working) thing”… :slight_smile:

I do, sadly that comes with even FAR MORE imbalance in favour of the player.
Imagine 4 people in a server, 2 of them having a pet… basically, that is now 6 players in a game that does not scale.
Very bad juju…

Imagine the darn thing could JUMP at you.
Death from above; “The Instant-burial move” it could be called. :stuck_out_tongue:
Or just Death from above, that’ll work too, of course…

Even I still get a fright when one runs at me :joy: