Generation zero ideas


I don’t see the game turning into a massive PvP but an occasional drop in of a player controlled bot ,mid mission ,would be a welcome distraction for some of us. Being able to set that up in your option menu would work for all of us that want it and don’t want it. What you think?


I’m well aware what’s been said in the streams.

Repeatedly posting “that’s not going to happen” everytime someone makes a suggestion is not a very pleasant way of encouraging discussion. So try to be constructive.


PvE with controllable machine sounds interesting. Though, what i’m interested in, is how it would be implemented?
Is there some certain point (e.g command bunker) where player char must remain to control the machine?
Also, at what criteria determinates which machine you control? Is there a stockpile of machines you can control but you run out of them once they get destroyed?
Are you able to restock the machine supply? If so, how?

Thinking about it, it reminds me Subnautica and the Camera Drone in it. In Subnautica, you have to be at Scanner Room, while operating Camera Drone. Camera Drone can go anywhere in about 300m radius of the Scanner Room itself. Go any further than that and you’re starting to loose signal to it (distorted video feed) until you’re completely out of range, at which point it sunks to the bottom and you have to go out to retrieve it.

I’d rather see PvE machine control limited to certain area, rather than being able to do that everywhere you’re at. This would give balance and wouldn’t make the controllable machine feature OP, prone to exploits. My above reply to Scairns14 shows one way how it could be.

Not quite. Hacker skill is there to bring the machine over to your side, where that machine keeps it’s control algorithm but switches the target from player char to other machines. Hacker skill isn’t supposed to giving you direct control over machine movement, threat assessment and weaponry.


Here all is somewhat said, miss.
Also if you read up a bit, this has been spoken about?
Note pleas, that was mere an idea. :slight_smile:


What is our ideas on new guns? Mines was being able to use the tanks guns or something like that


they may have that stance now but if enough people want it, they may change their minds and add a PvP mode at some point in the future.


That would be kinda cool. If crafting ever became a thing, since the tank guns are too big to carry, craft it into a stationary weapon or sumtn.


I don’t think devs are malleable by adding a feature in the game they do not want. Also, devs have been clear from the very beginning that GZ is PvE and will not be PvP.
There are plenty of other good PvP titles out there that people can play. Not every game has to be PvP.

For new weapons, i’d like to see bigger variety with early- to mid-game weapons, e.g: UZI, Desert Eagle, SA80, SKS.

SA80 (L85A1) was in production between '85 and '94, so it would fit into the game’s time period ('89). Also, i looked for distinguishable looks since many weapons IRL are very similar to each other (e.g semi-auto handguns) but in game, we have quite different looking weapons.
SA80 (L85A1) would be 2nd choice for 5.56mm users, alongside AG5. Just like 7.62mm users have 2x choices: AG4 and AI-76.

SKS would also suit in the game, produced since '45 with 15+M units. It would be 1st sniper rifle that uses 7.62mm and it’s 10x round clip makes it more effective than current .243 and .270 sniper rifles. Then again, SKS is crossover weapon between sniper rifles (e.g SVT-40) and assault rifles (e.g AK-47). Also, SKS would fit well between 5x round clip .270 and 10x (18x) round mag of .50 cal, since currently, the gap with sniper rifles is great.


I’d love to have a Five-seveN®, sadly, that is out of time…
DARN nice pistol, right there!!!

In use by military and law enforcement in over 40 countries, go figure.
Has to be good, right?


There wont be a pvp mode until they can implement anti cheat software and as the dev’s have no plans for that as of yet, I can’t see pvp happening and as over half of the player base are pve players the dev’s aren’t going to waste time in doing a pvp mode when there is more important issues in the game to fix. I’m a pvp player in lot of other games but in this game I really don’t want to see it I like the non toxic atmosphere. This is just my opinion.


I like the desert Eagle idea 50. Which I think would be great as a new experimental couod be the Eagle and that would act like the experimentql 50. Sniper with the high velocity barrel on it


Thee SA80 was universally despised by everyone who used it in that day. It’s ten years later that they sent them back to be modified. It jammed like a mudder, and had to be hit with the hand to make it fire more than one round at a time. Let’s not even go there - I have enough trouble as it is…


You just reminded me a very valid point why PvP is very bad for GZ. Besides the toxic atmosphere PvP brings, the cheating would be the worst. Aimbotting, wall hack, max skills, no reload etc will ruin the game for everybody.

It would take way more time, money and effort from Avalanche Studios to implement PvP and keep it under control than they have resources available.

Damage wise, i envisioned Desert Eagle to land between Glock 17 and .44 Magnum. Having 8x round mag with .44 magnum ammo and ability to take a weapon scope would suit it well.

.50 ammo with 7x round mag and elongated barrel would make Desert Eagle better than current .44 Magnum (basically miniature .50 cal s-rifle). That’s too OP for my book, especially since we already have plenty of OP weapons in the game. There’s no need for more OP weapons. Hence why my weapon suggestions are fillers between the current weapons.

Yes, in real life, weapons do misfire or jam and some weapons are more prone to this than others. But in GZ, there are no weapon degradation, jams, misfire or the like. So, if SA80 (L85A1) would work like a charm, would it be that bad of an addition to the game? Especially since it would be 2nd choice for 5.56mm users, alongside AG5.


The critical point is the round. You build the weapon around the round, and it’s the same round for them both. I suppose it might look cool, but make no other difference! It’s about the same weight, the SA80 is just a tad shorter and easier to carry. Built-in x4 SUIT sight, mind! Rate of fire about five rounds a minute, and a lot of cursing! :laughing:


You could say the same about AI-76 and AG4 as well. Both are using 7.62mm with almost the same dmg per bullet but somehow they both made it to the game.
Though, AI-76 is based off AK-74 and latter uses 5.45mm instead of 7.62mm. Why devs made such a big mistake - that i don’t know.


That means having another round in the game, and I keep not getting the ones I use already! I know, I know, changed in November - no it didn’t! Not for me anyway. And any way, I thought it was based on the AK47, which uses 7.62, but a different type…


My source on this is GZ wiki,


If there was to be bot control then I would favor the RC version, ie. you have a controller with the following requirements.

  • Have to be fairly close to where the bot is operating (ie, have to find somewhere to hide close to the danger).
  • Maybe upgrades can give more range, easier hack, longer between AI regain control attempts, longer overall control length).
  • Maybe there can be a hacking mini-game in order to gain a bots control.
  • Some sort of cartridge loot item for your deck to give you ‘charges’, a different types for each bot type. Takes extra inventory and limits endless bot control.
  • Max time of user control until the bot kicks you out.
  • The bot fighting back for its own control and you have to do something (press a controller button every 5 secs or something) in order to maintain control. A bit of a challenge in the middle of a battle I suspect.

Imagine going in to a battle with a bot on your side which has the chance to switch back at any time…

So imagine… You find a safe space (the toilet of a house) and close the door, activate your deck and the screen changes to a scan possibles in range. Different sizes represent different levels of bots and different colours are different bot types. You see a Hunter that looks like a good bet and so slot the Hunter cartridge in to your deck.

Select a Hunter of medium size and the screen zooms in to an unlocking / hacking battle, all around you your fellow players are hiding and waiting. Suddenly you loose and the Hunter is alerted to your position. It signals to its war band as it heads in the direction of your house and friends.

Cursing your luck, or lack of it, you zoom in to a runner whilst fumbling for a runner cartridge. Slamming it in to your deck you hit the icon to start the battle for control. Luck is with you, or is it shear skill, and you can now see through its eyes and control its movements. Luck shines on you again as this is a rocket equipped runner…

Conscious that you only have 5 minutes and the control link light is slowly changing to red as the runners AI is fighting to get control back you charge the Hunters from behind and unleash a jet propelled gift of explosive fury…

Sounds interesting…

Carrying bots around with you bigger than a tic would be … err… challenging :laughing:.

As for weapons, there are a nice selection here. I like the L96 although not saying how practical it would be :grin:.


We Belgians have quite darn good weapons in this regard.
American weapons do quite a wee of this… in comparison…


I know there are a few threads for weapons out there but I’ll put it here anyway.

We have two Hunting Rifles ingame, both of smaller caliber, the .243 and the .270. We also have an Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle, chambering .50 BMG. But there’s no middle ground. What we need is a true Military Sniper Rifle, and following the trends of using swedish weapons popular with the times, you needn’t look further than the beginning of the 90’s.

Gamers out there know this weapon well, I daresay it’s one of the most common weapons seen in modern games, up there on the podium with the Rocket Launcher and BFG 9000.


The PSG90 Sniper Rifle. Also known as the L96A1, or Arctic Warfare Magnum.

Chambering .308 WINMAG, or 7,62 High Powered rounds in a 10-round magazine.