A Map Mystery or something else?

When the landing-zones were introduced we could find a map at Landing zone Anya.
Like always I documented this and other maps found.

This is how the map looked then

Today however, I was at the landing-zone Anya, and I noticed that a white piece of paper was floating over the map, which immediately drew my attention. Then I saw text on the map that I couldn’t read. Additionally, there were 4 red circles, instead of three on the original map. The map has been changed with the Recon or Dark Skies update.

This map has 4 circles and text. Readable with PVG scope.

I took the liberty to make the text readable on the map below, and they happen to be street names of Östervik (and suburbs).

  • Forellbacken
  • Olle Fiskares Väg
  • Vintergatan
  • Måsvägen

Some circles are drawn in the sea, and Street names which have no relevance to Archipelago at all. So what do you think?

What devious plot is being hatched? :grin: :coffee:

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Still don’t know, but the plot thickens… :man_shrugging:

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