A new class(s) of Harvesters

So we all know bout the new resistance update soon and ppl are thinking a new class might emerge or a new place to explore (like the area north of himjfall and east of the north coast region) so I think the new class of robots could be reaper class robots and we already have the tank so what could the others be? What ideas does the community have for a possible class in the future that could impact the game?

@Spiffed in my opinion i think this is a new machine (reaper hunter) due to the fact that the cables have a orange tint and has a crackling orb of energy on its back but i maybe wrong keep this in mind. And the black and white tint like when you are downed or are low health.

@Crazyhawk505 That is an old image of an Apocalypse Hunter. The flamethrower on it’s left arm is easy to recognize. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, that sounds really cool.
For powers, I was thinking for weapons, the hunters could have sort of like a stun gun that shocks you. It could sort of be like the experimental KVM.

They could also have, instead of a straight blade, they could have a buzzsaw.

how can you explain the shield generator on its back?(this is a theory)

Here’s one: If you plan to make this topic as collective topic, where people can post their ideas about different, new enemies, like this topic is: New enemy types - Remade then it would be better to close this topic right here and now. One collective topic about new enemies is enough.

So, is this topic going to be a collective topic?
Or topic where the one, specific new enemy (e.g Reaper Class Runner) would be discussed? :thinking:

Btw, there already is a topic about Reaper Class Hunter: New enemy idea: Reaper class hunter



You’re the one claiming that it’s a shield generator, that means you need to prove your «theory», and not that I need to disprove it. Just like in science!

To me it just looks like a light source or a reflection behind it, that by pure coincidence is seen right behind it’s back.

I think i’ve seen the “Reaper hunter” in my game: :smirk:

Changed the topic 2 the harvester since it seems like one to be given the reaper treatment

If the harvester does get the reaper treatment it should have something new/signature (I.E the thermobaric blast) it could maybe run like the tanks which would look scary or could go invisible for a bit as it summons hunters so it can regenerate health slowly but if you kill the hunters the harvester will show itself

Thank you for taking the time to mention me here !

I was like, hey they are talking about my idea…

But they weren’t…


Yes, let the hate flow through you young Skywalker lol

Sincerely though thank you for bringing my idea back around.

I hope it takes root again

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Maybe like a Tesla field…

A long range arcing effect that stuns and damages everything in the radius for 15 seconds before recharging.

Also, maintaining a passive electric defense field for the who attempt to get close for mele.


Jeese Reaper class ticks and seekers would be the end of us just think about what it would have on it something like maybe… A shield perhaps or maybe a louder screech that could lure in more ticks so they are more powerful. Something like that just type more theories already. Also why is this post being deleted??

That would be cool tbh not many robots would have that capability and what if it could effect the exp kvm or the exp sledge

Imagine a seeker Imagine this happening in game

You continue down an empty road and spot a seeker you proceed over and ubholster your experimental sledgehammer and prepare to swing when your spotted it alarms nearby machines and you have to stop it but just then hunter support begins arriving from airdrop and then it sends out a painful and powerful blast that sends you back you begin to hear the low tone sirenlike sounds of a tank

All hell will break loose if you don’t kill this seeker as you begin to pull out your gun you get flanked from behind by hunter as it stabs you straight through the shoulder then the loud steps get faster… The tank is coming you are then shot at by the tank of which while your distracted an apocalypse hunter stabs you through the heart

You lost because of the new class of seeker and it’s brand new abilities what story will you make up for the new class of enemies
Write your own story below about the Reaper class runner
and tick and I will heart the ones I feel fit best with my example

While this idea is interesting, it will affect other machines around it as well, lowering the threat level such harvester would pose to players considerably.

Similar to Reaper Thermoboaric explosion, which will...

kill all machines within it’s blast radius.

One is enough to kill FNIX runners. While it takes several to kill bigger machines. Even the 2nd highest HP machine (level 4 rival, apocalypse tank, on guerilla difficulty), can’t withstand it.

In my game, Reaper killed my beloved lvl4 apo tank rival. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Btw, here’s another topic where “Tesla” is talked about: Tesla tank idea

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That’s true maybe if it could do a sort of jump attack instead of the coil it could like crush the player like a One hit kill like the thermobaric explosion

But have a concussion pulse shockwave that deals way more damage than the normal pulse like the most less amount would be 50 or 65 damage and could have its shadow show where it will land.

Sorry y’all, thought i was in a different thread.

But the concussion pulse sounds dope.

Well the resistance update is soon and new threats will emerge (pls FNIX let the harvester join the reaper class bc the tank is getting lonely over there.)