A new island - if it will ever come, how should we get there?

I don’t think that there will be a chance of getting the ability to fly by plane or helicopter.
There would be at least one great problem:

  • How could the devs ensure, that we just fly over to the new island?
  • The solution must work for one to four players and
  • it must be repeatable,
  • it should work in both directions,
  • and it must fit into the story.

Flying wouldn’t make much sense, because

  • every plane got shot down and
  • we are just teenagers, who probably haven’t the ability to fly and land a plane/helicopter.

Of course, they could script an event where we find a plane, start flying, get shot and crash or land on the new island. But this solution wouldn’t make much sense because of the repeatability and it should work in both directions.

“Oh, damn, we crashed on this island. Let’s fast travel back and try again.”

What about other possibilities?

  • By boat, like we get to himfjäll.
    Bah, copy’n’paste? Recycling the same again?

  • By a bridge.
    There already is a (destroyed) bridge.
    What if a dlc-mission would let us repair it?

Problem: If it will be a dlc, there must be a good way to prevent non-dlc-owners to get to the island.

With a repaired bridge the only solution would be an invisible barricade. Not the best solution.

The bridge could be repaired just temporarly and get destroyed again after we moved over it.
Problem: The repeatability. It would have to crash every time a player moved over it.

  • By zipline / rope.
    Similar to the boat to himfjäll, but presented in a different way.

I think, that would be best solution in every case.

  • (just4fun) By catapult.
    Well, would be fun and almost like flying. We could land on some hay or mattress. Not very realistic and therefore just mentioned for fun.

Do you have other ideas or a good solution for the described problems?

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The boat to get to Himfjäll doesn’t take any non DLC owners, they are blocked and if they get on the boat they get bumped off as it goes across. Maybe you find a ski lift kind of thing that needs a few parts to repair, you just get in, hit the switch and off you go like the boat. Non-owners of the DLC can’t get in and can’t fast travel to the island.

But since the direction the game has gone is base building, and teenagers can build walls and turrets and all kinds of construction with cement and steel, they could just repair the bridge with these new base building skills. And that fits into the story, where trained military personnel with jets, tanks, and bigger, better weapons get overrun by these machines but un-trained teenagers can destroy them. Why can’t they repair a bridge?

Or maybe they find a special field radio that is in a cannon aimed at the island. You do a few missions to fix it and then arm it. Once you complete those few missions, you fire it and can fast travel to a safe house then that allows DLC owners to travel back and forth and non- owners can’t.

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fixing the bridge is the best choice because another way just makes people say why cant we use heli or boat to leave the island.
another dlc island is hard to make it to be the most realistic it can be. himfjall makes sense because its close from norway.
(himfjall is an norwegian name. there was an sentence that anita sayed. also bring youre ski boots)
the bridge can be broken if the machine broke it and it will disable fast travels on new dlc island.

bridge breaking when you walk over it just doesnt make sense that teenagers are not that dumb theyre learning skills, looting bodies and revive friends why they will build a weak bridge that will break if you walk over it?

Yes, of course, but how would you prevent non-dlc-owners from going over the bridge?
In a cooperative game where maybe just one player owns the dlc, the others shouldn’t be able to go there.

Same way it is done now. You are not able to stay on the boat to cross and you can not fast travel to the island. Does it matter that it is a bridge or a boat. You cannot cross without paying the TOLL. Toll=buy the DLC.

You mean an invisible wall?
Not really nice. But if it would be the only way it works…

Only other way I see it working is we repair a sky lift via a few missions and then it operates like the boat. Don’t buy the DLC and you don’t go anywhere on the lift.

thats not my problem, the devs made the problem. that people cant go to my dlc island if i have it but they dont.

Would it be too much to ask for Elsa to do something for a change and fly us over in a plane?

Considering it would be a new island, there would have to be a load screen - nice cut scene in a Viggen flying over landing at the airport.

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And for those of you who missed it first time I developed a way of getting to the island, plus story, and some extra features.

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I meant to ask this the first time…What did you mean with Olsson Forest?

I’m thinking that if there were a whole bunch of those destructible towers that raise and lower, they could be placed under the water and we could just jump from one to the other to cross over to the island.

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